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What is Lycopene Powder

Lycopene Powder
What is Lycopene Powder

Lycopene is the main carotenoid, with a variety of physiological activities. In order to promote the application of lycopene in medicine, the reducing force of lycopene was detected by potassium ferricide, deoxide self-oxidation, phenol and thiobarbital acid colorimetric method, as well as the removal of hydroxyl radicals, superoxide anions and the inhibition of lipid peroxidation

What is tomato

Fanqian, also known as red god, Latin scientific name:’belongs to the Yan family, former genus and Fanhao species (Thin roots developed, strong root power, deep distribution in the soil, easy to transplant.

Since the lotus part can also grow uncertain roots, cuttings can be propagated.The first grew in South America, because of the bright color of Panyu when ripe, people are particularly used to it, only for viewing, dare not use, so it is called “the fruit of the fox” or wolf peach.Now, Fanqian has become a common delicacy in people’s life

Although Panyu has only been introduced into China with a history of more than 100 years, there is extensive cultivation all over the country.

In China, Lycopene Powder ,gluten is a common vegetable variety. It is planted and sold all the year round, and can be divided into two categories: fresh food type and processing type.Fresh food type fry is can be directly eaten, and most of the processing type fried needs to be processed to eat, mainly processing has color increase, acid, fragrance and other effects before the old.

What is Lycopence

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What is Lycopence

Lycopene (lycopene) is widely found in fruits like tomato, watermelon, papaya, wood turtle fruit, grapefruit and so on,It is a species of carotenoid,, Very strong and oxidative

What is Lycopence

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What is Carcarotenoids

Carotenoids are a general term for a class of natural compounds, widely distributed and have many important functions.The complete carotenoid biosynthesis system exists in the anterior cells (,.At different maturation stages of the process, the intermediates change in composition and quantity.

Therefore, no matter from the perspective of nutrition quality, the dynamic changes in composition and content of the carotenoids before research, commodity content or theoretical research

As photosynthetic pigments, carotenoids are widely produced in plants and bacteria capable of photosynthesis.Although the animal itself cannot make carotenoids, it can be consumed by diet, and it can structurally process and modify the consumed carotenoids, so as to meet its own needs for carotenoids

What can lLycopene Powder do

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What can lycopene do

Studies have shown that lycopene improves immunity and provides cardiovascular protection,Anti-aging, anti-cancer suppression , skin protection, anti-ultraviolet radiation and other effects,It has been widely used in medicine, health care products, food and other aspects,It has been widely used in medicine, health care products, food and other aspects

Lycopene is a carotenoid, its pure products are slightly metallic in nature, is a dark red needle crystal, is a functional natural food pigment with nutrition and coloring effects.Lycopene cannot be synthesized in animal bodies, but can only be taken through food intake.

Lycopene Powder Important sources of vitamins

Vitamin deficiency is more common around the world. Lycopene Powder , It is one of the four major nutritional deficiencies worldwide.Among all kinds of carotenoids, carotene has the strongest previtamin activity, vitamins mainly rely on the diet from the outside world, and carotene is an important form of our obtaining vitamins from the diet

Lycopene Powder Anti-aging, enhance the body’s immunity

The occurrence of the disease is associated with decreases in autoimmunity.Pirubin by protecting the annexation cells, accelerate the proliferation and differentiation of lymph, cells to improve the immunity of the body’s aspects.

Lycopene Powder Physiologic function of preperirubin

Fanfront is widely distributed, the most common in frying and its products, in addition, watermelon, pumpkin, stone planting are distributed

Recent research shows that in addition to eating as a natural pigment, it also has important functions in preventing cardiovascular disease, enhancing body immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer, and regulating the proliferation of tumor cells

Lycopene Powder Protective effect of preperirubin on cardiovascular disease

In many developed countries, the incidence of morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular disease is much higher than others, and the incidence of this disease rises rapidly in most of the developing countries.

Studies have confirmed that eating more foods rich in carotenoids such as preperirubin can effectively reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular disease

What is lycopene extract powder

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What is lycopene extract powder

It is the strongest antioxidant carotenoid found in nature and has extremely high development value.

By summarizing the recent research results on lycopene function and its action related mechanism, the main analysis of lycopene protection liver, alleviate diabetes complications, protect cardiovascular system, cancer prevention, alleviate neurodegenerative disease possible action mechanism, aims to provide theoretical guidance for lycopene food research and development and clinical application

Lycopene is a lipophilic red or yellow carotenoid pigment with the formula C40H56, with a relative molecular mass of 536.88

Why can Lycopene Powder protect the liver

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Why can lycopene protect the liver

Fatty liver refers to the lesion caused by excessive fat accumulation in liver tissue cells.Modern medical research has proved that one of the important factors of fatty liver is the initiation of lipid peroxidation linkage reaction, causing lipid peroxidation damage

With the degree of lipid peroxidative damage, antioxidant capacity decreases and free radical generation increases, causing liver lesions.Lycopene removes free radicals and can relieve lipid peroxidative damage and protect the liver

What can lycopene alleviate diabetes complications?

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100% Pure Organic Lycopene Powder For Antioxidant : The Ultimate FAQ Guide 28

Diabetes is a common chronic endocrine and metabolic disease with genetic characteristics. The incidence of diabetes has increased year by year in recent years.People with diabetes are often accompanied by a variety of chronic complications, involving multiple tissues and organs, which seriously affect human life, health and quality of life

Lycopene has a strong antioxidant capacity to improve oxidative stress and inflammation levels and alleviate diabetic complications.

Another theory that lycopene can alleviate complications of diabetes is that lycopene can protect endothelial progenitors from late glycosylation end products and reduce apoptosis and oxidative endothelial progenitor autophagy.Endothelial progenitors, a cell that is involved in vascular injury repair, are widely found in the bone marrow and peripheral blood and are important for patients with vascular complications in diabetes

Why can lycopene protect the cardiovascular system

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Oxidative stress is thought to be an important pathogenic process for the development of cardiovascular disease.Lycopene is a carotenoid antioxidant that protects the cardiovascular system and has shown beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD)

The interaction between lycopene and mitochondria-mediated apoptosis processes demonstrates a protective effect against H/R cardiomyocytes

It has been shown that lycopene can be protective against cardiotoxic rats by reducing glutathione (GSH), glutathione-S-transferase (GST), catalase (CAT), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), superoxide dismutase (SOD) in the heart tissue of maldehyde aldehyde (MDA) in model rats

Why can lycopene prevent cancer

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why can Lycopene Powder prevent cancer

Studies have shown that increased dietary lycopene intake is inversely associated with cancer risk

Of the 72 related studies of lycopene and cancer, 57 showed a negative association of lycopene blood levels with the risk of developing cancer

High doses of lycopene significantly inhibited the combination-induced chronic bronchitis by tobacco carcinogens (NNK) and cigarette smoke (CS) and reduced lung tumor lesions

Why can lycopene alleviate neurodegenerative diseases

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Lycopene Powder can lycopene alleviate neurodegenerative diseases

Oxidative stress is thought to be a major cause of brain aging, triggering memory and cognitive impairment.Lycopene can effectively improve oxidative stress damage and reduced learning and memory ability.

To study the neuroprotective effect and mechanism of lycopene on hippocampal lesions.The results showed that lycopene can reduce cognitive impairment and hippocampal tissue lesions, reduce oxidative stress levels, and increase glutathione levels and superoxide dismutase activity in hippocampal injured rats

lycopene has strong antioxidant effects, while studies have shown that many diseases start with cellular oxidation, and lycopene can react directly with reactive oxygen species fragments and has multiple effects.However, at present, the lycopene action mechanism still needs to be further studied in vivo.

The target genes of lycopene action diseases are determined from the genomics perspective, so as to provide theoretical support for the future research and development of targeted drugs and health care products

Where does lycopene come from

Where does Lycopene Powder come from

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Lycopene (Lycopene) is a natural dietary lipid-soluble carotenoid (Carotenoid), more abundant in the fruits of mature tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, papaya, pomegranate, rose fruit and grapefruit. In addition, marine halinophilus can also produce lycopene, but the human body cannot synthesize itself

Food intake is required.Lycopene has a strong free radical clearance ability and is known as “plant gold”

What is Structural and objectified properties of Lycopene Powder

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Lycopene (C40H56) is a lipid-soluble hydrocarbon with an unsaturated structure consisting of 11 conjugated and 2 non-conjugated double bonds with a melting point of 172 ~ 175

.The lycopene powder is dark red, almost insoluble in methanol and ethanol, but dissolved in organic solvents such as ether. It is sensitive to light, oxygen, high temperature, acid, catalyst and metal ions, and is prone to oxidative degradation and isomerization under the influence of heating and light

What is the antioxidant of Lycopene Powder

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Oxidative stress can lead to a variety of diseases, the antioxidant effect of lycopene can relieve the damage caused by oxidative stress, improve the health of the body.

lycopene has strong antioxidant and radical clearance ability, due to its polyunsaturated double bond structure, which is the ability to ququench sollet oxygen (1O2) is about 2 times more than β-carotene and 100 times that of vitamin E

What is the anticancer and anticancer effect of Lycopene Powder

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Suphibition or disruption of communication between cellular gap junctions may lead to carcinogenesis, and lycopene is able to protect this communication function while inhibit carcinogenesis

LyLycopene Powder improves immunity

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Lycopene can activate the body immune cells, protect phagocytes from their own oxidative damage, and promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes, stimulate the function of effector T cells, promote the [7] production of some interleukins and inhibit the generation of inflammatory mediators.

Lycopene Powder protects the liver

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Excessive accumulation of fat in liver tissue cells can cause fatty liver, and the peroxidation chain reaction of lipids can cause lipid peroxidation damage, leading to a decline in the antioxidant ability of cells.Lycopene removes free radicals produced during oxidative degradation of lipids, relieve the degree of lipid peroxidative damage and protect the liver

Lycopene protects cardiovascular and cerebrovascular

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Lycopene can and Lycopene Powder can reduce the probability of cardiovascular disease.

The concentration of lycopene in human serum is inversely related to the incidence of patients with cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. lycopene can reduce the synthesis of cholesterol, increase the degradation of low-density lipoprotein in cells, repair the oxidized cellular tissue, enhance the flexibility of blood vessels, thus reducing the risk of myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction

Lycopene anti ultraviolet radiation

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UV radiation causes the body to generate free radicals, and lycopene and Lycopene Powder has the ability to remove free radicals

Chemical construction of lycopene

lycopene (lycopene) is a carotenoid consisting of eight isovalrene units containing 11 conjugated and two non-conjugated double bonds, lycopene is the C40 H56, chemical structure Figure 1. Natural lycopene is an all-trans structure.

image 4
Lycopene Powder

Animals and humans cannot synthesize lycopene in the body and consume it only from dietary sources. Tomato products are the main sources of dietary lycopene, with others including watermelon, red grapefruit, apricot, guava and papaya

Organic solvent extraction of Lycopene

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Organic solvent extraction is a traditional method of extracting bioactive substances, mainly involves two processes: solvent extraction and evaporation solvent. Its advantages are low investment cost, mature technology.

lycopene is a lipid-soluble pigment, commonly used extract positive hexane, ethanol, acetone, petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, including extract, temperature, time, liquid ratio, granularity, immersion times, pH value, etc.

Supercritical CO2 extraction of Lycopene Powder

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Supercritical fluid extraction is a separation technique that extracts the target components above the critical temperature and critical pressure.

The fluid in the supercritical state and the viscosity near the gas. The principle of the extraction is to change the supercritical fluid by changing the temperature or pressure to change the dissolution capacity.

The influencing factors are extraction pressure, temperature, time, CO2 flow, entrainment, raw material water content, raw material granularity, etc

Enzymatic hydrolysis assisted extraction of Lycopene Powder

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Enzyme-assisted extraction is a mild and environmentally friendly extraction method.

Using specific enzymes to degrade or destroy pectin, glycoproteins, cellulose and hemicellulose in the cell wall or cell membrane, the release of bioactive substances from cells can reduce the use of organic solvents, accelerate extraction speed and improve extraction rate.

Ultrasonic assisted extraction of Lycopene Powder

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Ultrasonic assisted extraction is a new chemical separation technique to assist and strengthen solvent extraction using multiple effects of ultrasonic cavitation effect, mechanical effect and thermal effect.

Ultrasonic energy can generate and transmit powerful energy, Empty itation in liquid. Great pressure can destroy the cell wall and entire solid particles, Mechanical vibrations generated by ultrasonic waves enhance the release, diffusion, and dissolution of intracellular material, Strengthen the extraction of active components.

The size of the cavitation effect depends on the ultrasonic properties, the properties of the product (e. g., viscosity and surface tension), and the environmental conditions (e. g., temperature and pressure

Microwave assisted extraction of Lycopene Powder

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Microwave-assisted extraction technology is a new chemical separation technology to assist and strengthen solvent extraction using microwave thermal effects and biological effects.

Microwave is heated inside and outside. Under microwave electric field, destroy or weaken hydrogen bonds, van der Waals forces, hydrophobic interactions and ion bonds. The addition of polar organic solvents (ethanol, methanol, etc.) or salt can improve the heating effect

Ultrasonic microwave synergistic extraction of Lycopene Powder

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Ultrasonic-microwave collaborative extraction method is a new separation technique using continuously adjustable microwave power and irradiation time with arbitrary combination and setting.

It retains the advantages of microwave assistance and ultrasonic assistance and overcomes the disadvantages of limited microwave penetration and uneven extraction, low ultrasonic acoustic vibration efficiency and large noise

When was Lycopene Powder extracted

Lycopene was first isolated from berry potato by Hartsen in 1873, and appears in a dark red lens.In 1875, Millardet obtained a crude lycopene extract from tomato and named it Solanarin (solanotubon).In 1903 (Schunck named it in lycopene (Lycopene)

What health care effect does Lycopene Powder have

In the 1950s, lycopene was studied in its physiological function.In the past 30 years, lycopene has developed rapid research in medical and health care.Studies have shown that the higher the blood concentration of lycopene in the human body, the lower the oxide content in the body, so that the human tissues and organs remain healthy, effectively delay aging, and prevent prostate, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.The physiological role of lycopene has attracted widespread attention.

What is the relationship between tomato plants and Lycopene Powder

Tomato plants are an important source of lycopene, which is mainly found in the colored bodies of their fruit cells and mostly forms complexes with proteins and other proteins.The body can not synthesize lycopene itself, which is obtained by diet, but 80% by eating tomatoes and their processed products.

Therefore, how to improve the lycopene content in tomato fruit has gradually attracted the attention of vegetable breeders.

What are the physical properties of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene is a lipid-soluble unsaturated hydrocarbon, usually as an orange-red powder or oily liquid, and pure as a needle-like deep red crystal

The lycopene is dissolved in different solvents or dispersed in different media in different colors

If dissolved in petroleum ether in yellow, dissolved in 1:1 solvent of petroleum ether and acetone in red.Melting point 172~ 175℃.Pure lycopene is insoluble in water, but it can disperse in water when combined with other substances.

Lycopene is soluble in other lipids and non-polar solvents, such as organic solvents like petroleum ether, chloroform, benzene, acetone and others

What is the stability of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene is a highly unsaturated hydrocarbon and contains 11 conjugated double bonds, leading to poor lycopene stability and is prone to cisoisomeric oxidative degradation.

In the natural state and in the matrix because of the protective effect of cellular components, lycopene is more stable than extraction and purification.

CIS trans isomerization of Lycopene Powder

As a polyene compound, lycopene is also prone to cis-antiisomer changes in [12].Cisoisomerism is one of the properties of interest for carotenoid stereochemistry

Two configurations may theoretically exist for each conjugated carbon-carbon double bond on the carotenoid chain.Lycopene should have 211 isoforms, until now about 72 isoforms have been found

Naturally existing lycopene is all-trans, processed food ingredients contain lycopene is mostly cis configuration.

For the majority of the various human tissues.Lycopene under long heating, ultraviolet irradiation, prone to isomerization, producing some cis-isomer.The cis of lycopene is completely chemically and physically different from the trans isoforms.The cis structure has weak color, low melting point and small extinction coefficient with a new absorption peak in the UV spectra

The antioxidant activity of Lycopene Powder

Antioxidation activity is often measured by quenching the singlet oxygen capacity and the ability to capture peroxidation radiation.With structures with more conjugated double bonds in the same plane, lycopene has a stronger ability to eliminate conjugated oxygen than other carotenoids

In natural carotenoid pigments, lycopene quenches singlet oxygen 100 times faster than vitamin E and more than 2 times faster than β carotene

The physiological function of Lycopene Powder

The distribution of lycopene in the human body is mainly the organs of blood, adrenal gland, liver, testis, breast, ovary, uterus, digestive tract, skin and fat

Among them, the blood, adrenal glands, liver and testis contain more lycopene [2].The special structure of lycopene makes it strong to eliminate free radicals and high antioxidant ability, which embodies its physiological activity by protecting the body’s cells from oxide damage.

The higher the concentration of lycopene in the human blood, the lower the oxide content, so that the human tissues and organs maintain a healthy state, effectively delay aging, and prevent prostate, stomach cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.The role of lycopene in preventing a variety of diseases is being affirmed, and the physiological role of lycopene has attracted attention

It has been reported since 1959 that lycopene is protective against exposed parts of radiation radiation.After UV irradiation, lycopene in the skin was significantly decreased by 31% ~ by 46%, while β— carotene was not changed.We radiated mice with lethal doses

The biosynthesis of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene in natural plant products lycopene, mainly all-trans configuration (all-trans configuratian), accounting for approximately 71%~91% of all lycopene, is the most stable thermodynamic form

Plant carotenoid metabolism is done in plant cytoplasomes.Lycopene is an important secondary metabolite in plants and is synthesized through the plant isoprene pathway

Extraction process of Lycopene Powder

There are many extraction methods for lycopene, currently several common are: direct crushing method,Solution extraction method ,The enzymatic reaction method,Supercritical extraction method,microbiological fermentation,HPLC method

The solution extraction method extracted lycopene with its lipophilic organic solvent.Supercritical CO2 extraction process is simple, low energy consumption, cheap extractor, non-toxic and pollution-free

The HPLC method is a convenient lycopene extraction to analyzing all carotenoids through a high pressure PLC column.

What is Natural source of Lycopene Powder

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Lycopene is found not only in tomatoes, but also in watermelon, guava, and grapefruit, but not all orange-red vegetables contain lycopene

In addition to lycopene intake from tomato, lycopene can be prepared by algae, fungal and yeast fermentation.Currently, the higher lycopene content has the lycopene bacteria

What is Pigmented composition within the tomato fruit

Tomato fruit contains nearly 20 kinds of carrot pigment components, its main pigment is lycopene, and also a small amount of octahydrogen lycopene (phytoene), hexahydrogen lycopene (phytofluene), tetrahydrogen lycopene (neurosporene), -carotene, β-carotene, carotene and lutein, etc

The amount of lycopene in tomato varies with variety.In general, processed tomatoes are 3.5 times more lycopene than those of fresh tomatoes.Processing tomatoes produced in Xinjiang contain more than 400 milligrams of lycopene per 100 grams.

Effect of the developmental stage on the lycopene content

The biosynthesis of lycopene is regulated by the plant ontogeny stages, and the quantity and species of plant carotenoids in different organs in different development stages.

Genetic studies of Lycopene Powder

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100% Pure Organic Lycopene Powder For Antioxidant : The Ultimate FAQ Guide 47

With the deepening of lycopene research, the genetic control of lycopene in tomato fruit has also been deeply studied. The progress of research made at home and abroad is as follows: the rest believes that the tomato pulp color is controlled by two pairs of genes (Rr Tt).

The lycopene content is genetically quantitative and has a small epistatic effect, and the dominant effect is not significant.Wang Bingliang [71] thinks high lycopene content in the selection of parental selection is very important, and the determination of traits and force effect estimates should be in stages, at the same time the tomato hybrid generation in the lycopene content and the general coordination and combination of parents are closely related, so can use the advantage of hybrid breeding of high lycopene content

What effect does lycopene have on the skin

Adding lycopene and the lutein (carotenoid), which make skin resistant to UV radiation from the inside out, and supplementing lycopene-rich tomato extract or lutein can effectively avoid skin damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light.This study shows that oral supplementation of this carotene can alter gene expression and that it is a marker of oxidative stress, photodermatopathosis, and photoaging.

In 400 subjects, foreign scholar Brady et al. showed that aging is directly related to reduced lycopene in the blood.Snowden et al found through experiments that the content of lycopene in patients with elderly functional dysfunction is lower than normal people, putting forward the role of lycopene in preventing functional dysfunction in the elderly and improving the self-care ability of the elderly.

Reduce fat and reduce sugar effect

Studies have shown that lycopene has a strong inhibitory effect during LDL oxidation, and can prevent the probability of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Dutch scholars found that lycopene could reduce the serum cholesterol content in the blood, which selected 66 patients with myocardial infarction, extracted their blood for testing, and found that the patients had significantly lower lycopene content than the normal population.

In addition, lycopene can break the macromolecular lipid, promote its rapid oxidation, thereby consuming too much fat in the body, remove blood vessel wall lipid, improve arteriosclerosis, reduce blood fat, blood pressure, eliminate obesity

What is Carcarotenoids and what is Lycopene Powder

Carcarotenoids is a class of natural pigments synthesized by chloroplasts or algae of green plants, widely found in plant chlorophyll, bird feathers, chrysanthemum plant petals, crustaceans, but also common in orange-yellow fruits, dark green vegetables with dense leaves.At present, a variety of natural carotenoids have been found, more of which can be absorbed by the human body, metabolism, about species exist in the human serum

The absorption peak of the visible spectrum of carotenoids is within one region.Its physical features show the red to yellow element properties.Carotenoids contain a co-choke double bond structure composed of multiple isoprenes, usually located in the center of the molecule to form symmetry, forms cis or trans, and has matrix, hydrogenation, oxidation, cyclic derivatives. It usually divides carotenoids into two major categories of hydrocarbons called carotenoids, while its oxidation derivatives are called lutein

Application of lycopene in food products of Lycopene Powder

lycopene has a variety of physiological functions, the World Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on the list of food additives, its physiological functions such as antioxidant, cancer, prevention of cardiovascular disease, blood glucose reduction and enhanced immunity, will be widely used in the food industry in the future

China has developed lycopene relatively late and its production capacity is limited. At present, the state-approved products containing lycopene are mainly concentrated in the field of health food, and other fields, especially in the field of food application, need to be rich

Application in health foods of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene has been widely used in the field of health food development.

Among the lycopene products that have obtained the batch number of health food in China, the functional directions are different, mainly involving delaying aging, anti-mutation, beauty (removing chloasma), anti-radiation resistance, regulation of blood lipid, immune regulation, anti-fatigue, enhancing immunity, auxiliary protective function of gastric mucosa, etc.Products include capsules, tablets, oil and other forms

Health foods used to antioxidant and delay aging ,Lycopene Powder

The harmful attack of free radicals on cellular components is one of the main factors in human aging, and maintaining appropriate levels of antioxidants and free radical scavenger levels in the body extends lifespan and delays aging.Lycopene is one of the strong antioxidants found in nature. Its excellent antioxidant ability can not only efficiently quench monoid oxygen, but also effectively remove peroxide free radicals, enhance antioxidant reactive ase activity, prevent oxidative damage to proteins and DNA, thus delaying aging

Health food used for cancer prevention and cancer prevention

Regular intake of tomato and tomato products, to maintain a high serum content of lycopene, can greatly reduce the incidence of various cancers, including prostate, esophageal and pancreatic cancer

Antioxidation, to reduce cell membrane damage.The onset of almost all cancer involves abundant reactive oxygen species, and lycopene is currently one of the strong antioxidants found in nature with the strongest ability to quench monoid oxygen and remove free radicals

Efficient induction of connectivity communication between cell gaps.When cells undergo cancer or transformation, and the cell gap connection communication function is weak or absent, lycopene can promote the synthesis of proteins with a normal binding effect on maintaining the cell gap to enhance cell gap binding, and thus can effectively inhibit carcinogenesis.

Health food used to protect the cardiovascular disease of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene, a lipid-soluble pigment, is mainly found in the cell membranes and lipoproteins, and can significantly inhibit the oxidation of serum lipid and LDL, thus reducing the incidence probability of coronary heart disease

, Lycopene can not only prevent DNA and lipoprotein oxidation, but also reduce triglycerides, protect vascular endothelial function, reduce the area of aortic lipid plaque in hyperlipidemia rabbit, prevent or delay and reduce triglycerides, protect vascular endothelial function, and has an anti-atherosclerotic effect

Carooid products of Lycopene Powder

However, with the increase of demand and the expansion of the market, the carotenoid products market has also successively appeared a lot of problems.At present, in addition to the hygiene standards of the juice and carotene determination method, other commonly used carotenoids in analysis, testing and other aspects.

Health foods used to enhance immunity

Lycopene has the role of activating immune cells and enhancing immune activity, thus resisting the occurrence of multiple diseases.Lycopene can protect phagocytes from their own oxidative damage, enhance macrophages and T cells to kill tumor cells, and reduce the oxidative damage to lymphocyte DNA

Health food used to protect the skin and fight against radiation

Lycopene has the effect of reducing skin radiation or ultraviolet damage.It was shown that when UV irradiation skin, lycopene in the skin is first destroyed, with exposure 31%~46% less in lycopene than not UV irradiated skin, while β-carotene is not changed, indicating that lycopene has a strong effect in reducing tissue oxidative damage

Application in functional drinks of Lycopene Powder

There are many kinds of functional drinks in China, but little development of lycopene is related.Internationally, Coca-Cola and Roche have deeply developed the lycopene-containing beverage formula, involving a variety of functional drinks such as sports drinks, breakfast drinks and composite juice drinks.

Functional drinks mainly play the physiological function of lycopene against fatigue, and the mechanism of action is speculated that lycopene can eliminate the production caused by movement Peroxic radicals thus delay the occurrence of fatigue and restore fatigue after exercise, which can provide healthy nutritional function drinks for specific groups (such as athletes), which has broad prospects for development

Application in meat products of Lycopene Powder

Food safety problems, more and more by people’s attention, many people to the degree of “additive color change”, nitrite as processing meat coloring and preservatives has been accepted, but the resulting carcinogenic nitrosamine also worrying, to some extent to curb the development of the meat industry.

Lycopene is a natural pigment with antioxidant properties, which can not only ensure food safety, but also serve as a new preservative and pigment to replace nitrite. It is widely used in the meat processing industry.

Adding the rich lycopene in tomato skin to the meat making sausage, adding 20 g of tomato skin per kg can significantly reduce the oxidation level of sausage, indicating that lycopene can effectively slow down the oxidation reaction, improve the sensory quality and quality of the product, and improve the acceptance of the taste and color of sausage, indicating that lycopene, as an antioxidant and coloring agent, is feasible in processing meat products.

Application in bacon and grilled food of Lycopene Powder

Mediterranean residents apply tomato sauce when frying roast fish, which not only reduces the formation of carcinogens during barbecue, but also tastes delicious.In addition, lycopene also has various effects such as inhibiting the synthesis of DNA and protein and inhibiting the formation of nitrosamines

Application in edible oil of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene can be added to cooking oil as a natural antioxidant to make functional oil. Due to its the function of removing peroxide free radicals, inhibiting lipid peroxidation and quenching singlinear oxygen, it can reduce the acid failure of oil and oil

The effect of oxidation stability of bean oil, and lycopene antioxidant mechanism, to improve oil stability, improve oil quality, configuration of functional oil and develop antioxidant preparation to provide reference, and pointed out that lycopene as antioxidant to cooking oil, make functional oil, is an effective way to slow down oil oxidation, and can improve the stability of lycopene purple shirt

Chemical property of Lycopene Powder

lycopene is a transition from antisteric to anissteric that is susceptible to oxidation decomposition.Light, heat, acid, alkali, and surfactants are promoted during extraction, processing, and preservation

The lycopene decomposition reaction is a false primary reaction, indicating that the lycopene decomposition is influenced by multiple factors

In addition, because it does not have a daily cyclone ring structure, it does not have vitamin ogen activity.Hydrochloric acid has a strong destructive effect on lycopene, while the effect of the base is not big. The lycopene is relatively stable on the base, and is sensitive to the oxidation reaction, sunlight exposure, lycopene basically loses activity

Distribution and metabolism of Lycopene Powder

The plant distribution of lycopene is mainly distributed in tomato, watermelon, red sleeve fruit as well as red brown oil, other vegetables and fruits are relatively low.Among them, the content of lycopene is the highest in tomato, and its content varies with variety and maturity, the higher the maturity, the more the lycopene content

Effects of lycopene on cell transformation and growth

Many studies in recent years have reported that the malignant transformation of cells is strongly associated with phase changes during the cell cycle.When the phase moves right, the percentage of phase and phase increases, the cell proliferation will accelerate.The inhibition of malignant proliferation of transformed cells by retinate is a result of its inhibition of cell synthesis and changing the proportion of phase population during the cell cycle

Effect of lycopene on the phase during the cell cycle

Transformed cells were examined after lycopene treatment, which significantly changed the population proportion in each phase of the cell cycle and decreased the percentage of phase and phase,

In specific manipulation, the researchers found that lycopene could significantly delay and decrease the growth of tumor cells in non-mated mice with a high incidence of spontaneous breast tumors

Epidemiological studies of Lycopene Powder

A group of Harvard researchers based on the results of literature studies that lycopene and cancer identified lycopene to prevent cancer, and one was statistically significant.Cancer that lycopene can prevent include prostate cancer, lung cancer, and others may also prevent white cancer, including pancreatic, colorectal, esophagus, oral, breast and cervical cancer

Negative correlation of lycopene gastrointestinal cancer risk of Lycopene Powder

Italian researchers used a series of cases to study the role of lycopene by eating tomatoes to prevent digestive tract cancer.Researchers let oral cancer, pharyngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer and rectal cancer patients and the above cancer patients control, excluding age, gender, found that the cancer risk decline related to lycopene, and gastric cancer, colon cancer and colorectal cancer decline is extremely significant

Negative correlation of human lycopene and prostate cancer risk of Lycopene Powder

Prostate cancer is a common disease for older men in Western countries.A group follow-up study of the men since year found a significant decrease in prostate cancer in people with more than secondary tomato use per week

Correlation of lycopene levels and other cancers of Lycopene Powder

Studies in black women found that lycopene was the only household strongly negatively associated with cervical cancer, negatively associated with both human volume and serum lycopene concentration

Exposure to UV radiation causes skin burns, premature aging, and increases the prevalence of skin cancer.UV irradiation greatly increases the production of singlet oxygen and free radicals at the irradiated site.It was recently found that restricted UV exposure decreased lycopene concentration in the skin compared to controls

Mechanism of action of lycopene fighting against cancer of Lycopene Powder

Lycopene has a variety of biological effects, such as quenching singlet oxygen and removing peroxygen radicals, inducing cell-to-cell connection and communication, and regulating tumor cell proliferation, while its cancer prevention and cancer effects are based on the antioxidant mechanism.

The antioxidant resistance of Lycopene Powder

Oxygen radicals are produced within tissues and can react with major molecular substances such as in vivo, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, damaging their functions, causing a series of diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and aging, lycopene can inhibit diseases by crushing monoid oxygen’and removing hydrogen peroxide

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