Natural Piperine Powder

What is piperine and Piperine Powder

Piperine Powder
Piperine Powder

Pepperine is one of the main effective components of pepper, it has been clinically used to treat epilepsy, has achieved good results

Many research data now suggest that the onset of epilepsy may be associated with abnormal transmitter metabolism in the CNS, whereas antiepileptic drugs may function through the metabolism of neurotransmitters

Pepperine (C17 H19 NO3) is the main active ingredient of pepper with anti-antitumor, antioxidant, antidigestive ulcer, antidepressant, immunomodulatory effects

PepperinPepperline is a natural secondary metabolite derived from plant fruits in the family Pepperaceae,!”#$” # et al (% & & ‘) have reported that it has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and blood pressure effects.The chemical structure formula of pepperine is as follows

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What is Pepper and Piperine Powder

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Pepper is a plant pepper in the pepper family (Piper nigrum L.) Dry near ripe or mature fruits of, can be used as flavoring, preservatives, stomach agents, antipyretics, diuretics and bronchial mucosal stimulators, etc

Pepper is a traditional herb that is widely used in flavoring.It has also been recognized as a drug for gonorrhea, dysmenorrhea, tuberculosis, sleep disorders, respiratory infections, chronic intestinal diseases, and arthritis

Where is the pepper?

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The Pepper genus (Piper) is the largest genus in the Pepper family (Piperaceae).There are more than 60 kinds of plants in China, of which more than 20 kinds of drugs, with a wide distribution, mainly located in the southeast to southwest of China.The people are mostly used as drugs to promote blood circulation and relieve pain relief and anti-rheumatic diseases, among which the sea breeze vine is widely used

Original plants of sea breeze vine, mainly wind vine (Piper kadsura), heather vine (Piper wallichii), yam (Piper hancei), and hair medicine (Piper puberulum)

Piperine Powder Antiplatelet activity effect

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In the 1970s, pharmacological studies found that extracts of hevine inhibited platelet aggregation, improved hemodynamics, increased coronary flow, improved myocardial ischemia and increased myocardial resistance to hypoxia

Piperine Powder anti-inflammatory effect

Pepper, especially the sea breeze vines, has an obvious anti-inflammatory effect

Piperine Powder Pain and sedation

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Mouse twist experiments on ivy, vines, yam, and hairy were demonstrated at 1 / 5LD,.The doses had obvious analgesic effect, and by heat plate method, wind rattan and yam showed obvious analgesic effect

Piperine Powder Effects of infection

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Anti-infectious effect is one of the hot spots in pepper plants, and multiple chemical components have been found to have anti-bacterial, fungal and antiviral activities.

Pepper genus has more antimicrobial components, mostly alkaloids and flavonoids

Piperine Powder antopxidation

The Piper betle extracts were found to have antioxidant and antiplatelet aggregation activity.Compound piperlactam S,, isolated from vines, found inhibitory to copper-induced LDL peroxidation and H:O:/FeSO.Mediated vascular endothelial oxidation damage also has a better protective effect, because LDL peroxidation and vascular endothelial damage are important factors in the pathological process of atherosclerosis, suggesting that it may have an old prevention and control effect on atherosclerosis

Piperine Powder Tumor action

In 1969, S.Takshashi isolated a known epoxy compound futoxide, from ivy, which was confirmed to have significant anticancer activity and recent studies found that futoxide was also present in ather vines, yam and Piper clarkii

In 1969, S.Takshashi isolated a known epoxy compound futoxide, from ivy, which was confirmed to have significant anticancer activity and recent studies found that futoxide was also present in ather vines, yam and Piper clarkii

What is the function of Piperine Powder

Pepperine is one of the main physiological and active ingredients of pepper and the humble home.The chemical structure belongs to the Guiidamide class and it has been shown that such compounds have sedative, hypnotic, anticonvulsant, skeletal muscle relaxation and antidepressant effects

Piperine Powder and its multiple derivatives

Recently, pepperine and its multiple derivatives, Specifically, pepperic acid (Piperinic Acid), Methyl preperate (Pipefinic Acid Methyl Ester), Ethyl preperate (Piperini c Acid Ethyl Ester), Bubutyl Pepperate (Piperinic Acid Butyl EstGr), Ethibutyl Pepperate (Hpedmc Acid Iso—Butyl Ester), Octane Pepperate (Piperinic Acid Octyl Ester), Pepper isobulamide (Piper Lon. gumine), Pepperamide (Piperinoylbutylamine), Extraction and isolation of similar bioactive substances such as pepper pyrrolamide (Piperinoylpyrrolidine), Synthesis and blood lipid reduction activities were more studied

Effect of Piperine Powder and its derivatives:

In the early 1980s, Wu Enbayar and other teachers, they found the herbal medicine with obvious effect of lowering blood lipid from Mongolian medicine 111, and found that the other 10 flavors did not help the effect

Piperine Powder action on the CNS

Pepperine is a broad-spectrum anticonvulsant that has different antagonistic effects on a variety of experimental epilepsy models

The Effect of Choline Piperine Powder

There are not much studies on the relationship of pepper and stone formation.Cholesterol stone formation is a complex pathological process involved by multifactorial, and its exact mechanism is not fully understood.

Piperine Powder Pepperpain, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer effect

Prior ethanol extract is significantly anti-inflammatory and pain relief, Formation of ulcers in white white rats caused by anhydrous ethanol, aspirin and acetic acid; The inhibition of oral O.259/l[g ethanol extract was 62.9%, 36.9%, 38.2%, 52.8%, The total acidity of gastric ulcer and gastric juice in white mice;

The inhibition rate of the lipine ulcer was 48.1%, Given that its synthesis of prostaglandin E, Metabolism has large effects; It is possible that increased epoxase activity increases prostaglandin E synthesis and secretion, And make the gastric mucosa free from attack factor damage related aggressive].There was no significant effect on the gastrointestinal propulsion function

Killing effect of pepperine on sF 1-21 cell line:

Pepperine has strong toxic effects and growth inhibition on insect cells and can serve as a functional substance for novel insecticides.

What are the characteristics of Piperine Powder

Pepper (Piper nigrum L.) is in the pepper family (Piperacea), a perennial evergreen vine native to India, and is a world important tropical spice crop with widespread use in both the medical and food industry.

Mature pepper fruit drying consequences skin wrinkle shrink black to black pepper, ripe fruit after peeling called white pepper.Pepper is hot, spicy, has the effect of cold, qi, phlegm.Pepper contains pepperin, parsley ene, eugenene and other ingredients, with deodorant, anticorrosion and antioxidant effects

Pepperline (Piperine), as the main active ingredient in Pepperaceae, has been found to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory and antitumor effects.In many studies, the application of pepperine as a bioavailability enhancer has attracted increasing attention; but the specific mechanism is unclear

What are black pepper and white pepper

Pepper is divided into black pepper and white pepper due to the different harvest period and treatment methods.Black pepper is harvested when the fruit is grown but not ripe, just red and dried with the skin for 3-4 days.Dry into a black-brown fruit.White pepper is pepper fruit grows ripe, its skin is completely red, peeled and then dried, the surface is gray and white, so it is called white pepper.Black pepper is thicker than white pepper.

Piperine Powder Brighten, whiten and clean skin

Pepper stimulates blood circulation, removes skin dead cells and allows the skin Yuan layer to get more oxygen and nutrients.Formula: 1 cup of sugar, half a cup of tasteless massage oil, 6 drops of orange MSG glutamate oil, a pinch of pepper, stir well.Wipe on the wet skin, and wash after rubbing.

Treatment of nasal congestion to prevent cold

Pepper is a natural decenchymal medicine, and the chemicals in the pepper can stimulate the nasal mucosal cells to produce diluted mucus, thus opening the nose and relieving cold symptoms.Chicken soup sprinkled with pepper is the perfect food partner with all the nose.

aid digestion

The main ingredient of pepper is pepperine, which also contains a certain amount of aromatic oil, crude protein, crude fat and soluble nitrogen, which can remove fishy, relieve greasy and help digestion.

Treat cold

Pepper is warm, to the stomach cold stomach cold pain, intestinal diarrhea has a good relief effect, and the treatment of cold.

The medicinal difference between black and white pepper

The white pepper medicinal value is slightly higher, and the seasoning works slightly more times.It is more spicy than black pepper, so it is more cold and stomach-friendly.People with more lung cold phlegm can add white pepper to mutton soup to warm the lungs and reduce phlegm.Some people are prone to stomach pain, is caused by gastrointestinal deficiency and cold, can add ginseng, white stew, and then put some white pepper seasoning, in addition to the cold, can also play a role in warming the spleen and stomach.Usually eat salad, it is best to add white pepper noodles.To cool and cold

Role on the digestive system

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On multiple experimental gastric lesions such as stress, ethanol, indomezine induced, hydrochloric acid stimulated and pyloric ligation, acetone extract from pepper fruit and isolated pepperine showed dose-dependent inhibition of ulcer area and the activity of gastric acid and pepsin

Antidepressant effects

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The strength was comparable to fluoxetine, and animal walking was unaffected in the vertical, horizontal scores of open box evaluation trials, these results suggest strong antidepressant properties, and the mechanism of its antidepressant effect is partially mediated by inhibition of MAO activity, suggesting that pepperine is a promising candidate for depression.

Immunoregulatory effects

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Regulation of early oxidative stress reduces lymphocyte apoptosis, and pepperine suppresses ROS production and increases GSH, suppresses a series of reactions downstream, that is, inhibition of apoptosis and altered thymic-dependent lymphocyte phenotype.

Pharmacokinetics of Pepperine

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Some components of the diet can influence drug metabolism and transport and alter drug distribution in vivo, Pepperine inhibits drug-metabolizing enzymes in rodents, Increase the blood concentration of certain drugs in humans (including the P monoglycoprotein substrate, sodium phenytoin and rifampicin), Transport of digoxin and cyclosporin A was inhibited on Caco 12 cells; Pepperine inhibits the drug transporter P monoglycoprotein and the drug metabolizing enzyme CYP3A4, These two proteins are mainly expressed in intestinal epithelial cells and hepatocytes, It is the first place that many drugs have been eliminated, Therefore, Pepperine in food affects the blood concentration of P monoglycoprotein and CYP3A4 substrates, Attention should be paid when taking these drugs orally


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Free radical damage and lipid peroxidation have been shown to be the major causes of atherosclerosis, cancer, liver disease, and aging processes.Pepperine inhibits peroxidation products induced by carcinogens on the intestinal mucosa, increases glutathione (GSH) and Na—K—ATP enzymes activity, and the authors suggest that the antioxidant mechanism of pepperine modulates oxidative changes by inhibiting lipid peroxidation and indirectly increasing] JIIGSH synthesis and conduction [5

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