tremella fuciformis extract manufacturers

What is tremella

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tremella (Tremella fuciformis) is a genus of tremella in the family. It is a medium temperature and good gas fungus, mainly distributed in subtropical regions, but also in tropical, temperate and cold regions.

tremella is known as the “king of edible fungi”. It is not only a delicacy on the table, but also a precious nutritional tonic, or a strong medicine

tremella is regarded as a “treasure of prolonging life” and “medicine of immortality”.

Modern medical research shows that tremella contains relatively rich in vitamins, protein, trace elements, amino acids and other nutrients.tremella is a very widely used and effective Chinese medicine. It contains 17 kinds of amino acids, 7 of which are essential amino acids

tremella fuciformis extract manufacturers

What is tremella polysaccharides

tremella polysaccharide comes from the polysaccharide obtained from tremella entities, spores and fermentation liquid, which has the effects of anti-tumor, antioxidant , reducing blood lipid , promoting wound healing and enhancing immunity .

It has attracted widely attention as an important active component of tremella.

What is Extraction of tremella polysaccharide

tremella polysaccharides are mainly found in the cellular matrix, soluble in water but insoluble within high concentrations of organic solvents.Based on this nature, scholars have tried a variety of methods to extract tremella polysaccharide, there are commonly used 4.

Wet method grouting method

The condition of the pulp extraction was studied and the best extraction method was obtained by orthogonal test

Material ratio 1:50, grouting time 7 min and water temperature 80℃.Under this condition, the extraction rate of tremella crude polysaccharide is 40.57%, 2.2 times that of the traditional thermal water immersion formulation, while the extraction time is only 1 / 60 of it

ultrasonic extraction

The extraction efficiency of tremella polysaccharide ultrasound extraction method was studied.

Through the study, the best conditions for tremella polysaccharide ultrasound extraction were: liquid ratio of 1:40, temperature of 60℃, and extraction time of 30 min

Complex enzyme immersion

The extraction process of tremella polysaccharide composite enzyme extraction method was studied.

When the composite enzyme is added to 1.5%, the best extraction conditions of tremella polysaccharide are: 80 more water, immersion temperature is 60℃, and immersion time is 1 h, and the content of tremella polysaccharide is the highest.

Microwave-assisted extraction method

The optimization process of tremella polysaccharide microwave assisted extraction method was studied, and the optimal extraction conditions of microwave auxiliary extraction method were determined under univariate experiment and orthogonal test: liquid ratio 50:1,120 grain, microwave power 400 W and microwave time 2.0 h.

Under this process conditions, the extraction rate of tremella polysaccharide can reach 33.25% ± 0.14%, and has good gel characteristics and rheological characteristics.

The main physiological activity of tremella polysaccharides

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(1) Immune efficiency and efficiency effect.Xu Jiying studied the effect of tremella polysaccharide on macrophagocytosis T and B lymphocytes.

The results showed that tremella polysaccharide can greatly enhance the phagocytic activity of chicken peritoneal macrophages. Compared with the oral administration of the chicken. It was also injected into the spleen lymphocytes to produce more IL-2

(2) Antitumor effect.

establishing the model of small mouse model-H22 liver cancer model, the paper deeply explored the anti-tumor ability of tremella entity polysaccharide, explore the results proved its strong anti-cancer ability, when the concentration is 6 mg / kg the best anticancer effect, the concentration of tremella polysaccharide is the strongest, reaching the inhibition rate of 72.3%

Extraction of polysaccharides

At present, there are many kinds of polysaccharide extraction methods, with some traditional methods and new methods.Some traditional methods: hot water extraction, acid extraction, alkali extraction, etc.;

new polysaccharide extraction method: including ultrasonic method, enzyme method, super high pressure method, and using a variety of methods.

Compared with the new polysaccharide extraction method, the traditional extraction technology is complex, high energy consumption, long extraction time, low polysaccharide extraction efficiency, and extraction conditions on polysaccharide bioactivity;

the new extraction method has relatively simple process, high polysaccharide extraction efficiency and mild effect on the polysaccharide activity

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tremella fuciformis extract manufacturers : The Ultimate FAQ Guide (Update 2021) 7

What is Functional nature of tremella polysaccharide in the field of health care and medicine

Clear free radicals, anti-tumor, improve the body’s immunity and other effects

tremella polysaccharide also plays an important role in immune response adjustment. Some scholars have found that after mice caused sepsis due to immune dysfunction, feeding tremella polysaccharide will reduce the number of deaths of mice due to sepsis

The effect of lowering blood lipid and blood sugar

tremella polysaccharide has a certain effect of lowering blood lipid and blood sugar.

Scholars have shown that polysaccharide hypoglycemic in tremella is realized through the regulation of glucose metabolism enzymes, anti-free radical oxidation, accelerating blood glucose transformation, and slowing down glucose absorption.

tremella polysaccharide can promote bile acid excretion in rats, change their intestinal physiology, thus reducing cholesterol.

tremella polysaccharide combined with bile acid, promote bile acid metabolism, let cholesterol metabolism in one way, so as to reduce blood fat, prevent high cholesterol blood lipid

Other roles

tremella polysaccharide improved the learning and memory of repeated cerebral ischemia and reperfusion mice.

tremella polysaccharide has good radiation protective effect and can alleviate the treatment side effects of tumor radiotherapy.

Cultivation method

tremella cultivation can be divided into two forms: substitute cultivation and section wood cultivation.

The segmented wood cultivation procedures include tree cutting, pruning, truncation, fungus, drainage hall, harvesting and processing.Wood cultivation of tremella needs to build an ear hall, which is about l m long, “human” shape or “well” shape discharge, and use the ear hall to moisturize the ear

After the 1970s, substitute cultivation in many areas gradually replaced Duan wood cultivation, and it was planted in bottles and bags. At present, more than 8 0% of domestic tremella is out of substitute cultivation.

The raw material of tremella for substitute cultivation is easy to obtain, with short growth period and high yield, and the amino acid content of tremella for substitute cultivation has been significantly improved compared with the section of wood cultivation

The bedding cultivation is the main way of tremella, which improves the space utilization rate and is convenient management.Based on this, has produced “tremella high-quality and high-yield three-dimensional cultivation technology”, “courtyard three-dimensional cultivation of tremella technology”, “tremella multi-layer three-dimensional cultivation practical technology” are all such

Species selection

The selection criteria of tremella fungus vary according to the cultivation methods and the utilization purpose of bacteria.

The production and cultivation of tremella fungus generally require white body, short cultivation period, rich glial, high yield, wide adaptability and strong resistance resistance.Fermentation of cultured bacteria need to sprout fast, short fermentation period, and high rate of hycelium.

Production of cultivated fungus requirements tremella and grey fungus pure pollution-free, culture medium surface form white, exuberant white hair group, white hair group in a certain time spit out pale yellow or light red beads, and finally form the ear bud, under the white hair group, mycelium fast growth, deep feeding, strong life, and require moderate age, following culture times, etc

Selection of culture material

There are more than 10 kinds of suitable broad-leaved trees cultivated in tremella section, but tree species, tree age, bark thickness, diameter and cutting time have a great impact on the ear rate, flower, color, yield and quality of tremella.For example, maple and poplar sections have cultivated tremella, many harvest batches, large ear pieces, white color, and simple tree sections have cultivated tremella, with less harvest batches, small flowers and yellow color

Wood chips is the best raw material for cultivation, cotton seed shell, cotton stalks, bagasse, bean stalks, vegetable cake, peanut stalk (shell) and corn cob by added gypsum, urea, magnesium sulfate, skin, sugar and soybeans can also be used to cultivate tremella, but the difference in nutrition has a certain impact on the quality of tremella products, such as rice bran cultivation tremella color is yellow

commercial value of tremella fuciformis extract

tremella is one of the traditional rare edible fungus and is one of the famous “mountain treasures”.tremella is sweet and non-toxic.

In addition to the effect of nourishing lung, nourishing jin, nourishing stomach, nourishing qi and blood, replenishing brain and strengthening the heart, it also has the effect of refreshing qi, nourishing tender skin, restoring muscle fatigue, resisting tumors and other effects.

The analysis results show that tremella is rich in crude protein, amino acids, crude fiber, vitamins and trace elements, which has obvious curative effect for chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease, lung heat cough, postpartum weakness, constipation, expectorant phlegm, cough cough and flat asthma

tremella breeding method

The current methods of tremella variety selection are domestication, artificial selection, and hybridization.The most commonly used method for tremella variety selection is to collect ideal wild or cultivated fruiting bodies.

Through the separation of base mycelium, obtain tremella pure and ash bacteria pure mycelium strains, make homozygous strains, conduct cultivation experiments, repeated evaluation, and select excellent tremella strains.

Exploration of new laws on bacterial species preservation

At present, there are few deep human system studies on the preservation of tremella fungus, and generally oblique low-temperature preservation method is adopted, and liquid paraffin cover preservation and air-dry low-temperature preservation method of earwood or basal mycelium are occasionally used.Because the preservation of tremella fungus species involves two aspects of tremella strain and fragrant ash bacteria strain preservation, it is more special compared with conventional varieties.

Studies have confirmed that the pure tremella species are kept alone for a long time, and the fruiting bodies will turn yellow.

When mixed with the ash mycelium, the fruiting bodies are not easy to turn yellow after long-term preservation.Generally think to protect the seed for more than 3 years should pay attention to the color problem

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