mct oil powder manufacturer

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mct oil powder manufacturer

what is mct powder

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what is mct powder

MCT — scientific name medium chain triglyceride, is a kind of saturated fatty acid. Compared with the common long-chain fatty acids (more than 12 carbon atoms, common butter, lard) in the general diet, medium chain fatty acids are a molecule composed of 6 to 12 carbon atoms.

The less carbon atoms a fatty acid contains, the easier it is to digest and be used by the human body. In short, MCT can be quickly metabolized into ketones by the liver without going through the lymphatic system to provide energy for the body, and it is not easy to be stored as fat

what is mct powder oil

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what is mct powder oil

MCT Oil is Medium chain Triglycerides Oil, which is mainly extracted from coconut and palm Oil. The “chain” here refers to the carbon chain. Those with 6 to 12 carbon atoms are medium chain fatty acids, those with less than 6 carbon atoms are short chain fatty acids, and those with more than 12 carbon atoms are long chain fatty acids.

Compared to other cooking oils (which are mainly composed of long-chain fatty acids), the main feature of MCT oil is that it can be quickly absorbed by the body and converted into energy.

Long chain fatty acids enter the human body to multiple processes can be absorbed, finally provides the energy for the body, this process takes about four hours, because the carbon chain fatty acids in the chain is not so long, you can skip the long chain fatty acids, some of the steps through the hepatic portal vein to the liver, directly into energy only need half an hour.

MCT oil is pure fat, so supplementing with good quality MCT oil is a convenient way to increase your fat intake and help you stay in ketosis. In fact, MCT oils are often referred to as “high ketogenic fats.”

Since the body can use these fats so efficiently to make ketones, adding MCT oil to your ketogenic diet can translate into even greater benefits, such as helping with appetite control and weight management, and reducing the side effects known as “ketone flu.”

what is mct powder made from

Medium chain triglyceride
At present, MCT raw materials are mainly imported, and palm oil or coconut oil are used as raw materials. The main raw materials are mct50 powder and mct70 powder, among which chain fatty acids are mainly C8 and C10, with the proportion of about 1:1, 2:1 and 3:1.

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what is mct powder made from

MCT (medium chain fatty acid) refers to the saturated fatty acids with carbon atoms between 6 and 12, which are extracted from natural coconut oil and palm oil. The main components are octanoic acid (50% – 80%) and decanoic acid (20% – 50%).

Compared with palm oil, coconut oil is mainly composed of short and medium chain fatty acids, in which C12 (lauric acid) is more than 50%, so it becomes the main source of MCT. In fact, MCT oil is also a by-product of coconut oil. Coconut oil is solid and has strong odor at room temperature, while MCT oil is liquid and tasteless at room temperature.

What are the effects of MCT oil? Three advantages of MCT oil are introduced

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1、 Rapid energy supply
MCT oil is a kind of substance that fitness enthusiasts like very much. It can inhibit appetite. It has the characteristics of small molecular weight and fast absorption. It doesn’t take a long time to quickly supplement energy for the body. The speed is better than glucose. If you need to increase energy quickly in a short period of time, for example, you want to provide sports performance and anti-aging, then you can supplement it properly and quickly

2、 Improve intestinal diseases
MCT oil can help some patients with intestinal diseases, because many people may suffer from intestinal villi damage or skin change. However, this substance has strong absorption, which is very helpful for people with diarrhea and poor hepatobiliary function. It also has good effect for people with jaundice and pancreatitis, and can quickly supplement energy, At the same time, it will not increase the burden and pressure of gastrointestinal system.

3、 Lose weight and keep fit
MCT oil is widely used in weight loss and fitness, and also plays a very important role. It has attracted a lot of people’s attention. After entering the body, it can directly decompose and generate energy. Basically, it will not be stored as human fat, nor will it accumulate in blood vessels, so it will not increase the content of cholesterol, So it can help people manage their weight better. Secondly, it can also help prevent obesity, and can also help prevent heart disease, and can be directly utilized by organs and muscles. This effect has been confirmed in many animal and human experiments.

mct oil powder manufacturer

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mct oil powder manufacturer

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