Someone on WeChat sends me a message out of the blue

I don’t know when I added him according to the key, the other side said that there is any project and so on, can you find someone to contact him to work

A few of my old friends contacted him, but I had no idea who he was on WeChat, so I asked, “What’s his name?

Results doubt, the other side but also mouthed dirty say not to know him

The key is — –

He said his name, but I still couldn’t remember where I’d seen him before

It’s a little bit of an impression, but I’m not losing my memory, this is someone I really can’t think of where I’ve met before

The other side is full of foul language

I always come and go, in fact, whether it is an acquaintance or a stranger, I feel sick

First of all, I must not be familiar with you, because I have been thinking about you for several days and I can’t remember where I have seen you

Even if really had the intersection contact in the past, but to the person like you I must be as a passer-by

Today, the other party on WeChat day after day to ask some things

I’m tired of replying

I don’t know if people like you understand it or not. Do you know what it means if you don’t reply to WeChat

But I guess you still don’t get it

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