If we talk about this topic, let’s actually think about whether someone will teach you how to make money on the Internet
I think there might be
Remember, I think it may be because of the way to make money, or even in the process of making money, you can encounter all kinds of pitfalls and all kinds of problems. Maybe you can meet people who teach you how to make money, some may be free, some may be paid. In fact, the Internet itself is very inclusive, and you will meet all kinds of people
But most normal people, if they are not specialized in training or are not enthusiastic to the extreme, I think that according to normal people’s thinking, it is impossible for them to tell you the core of how they make money or how she makes money
For example, he may say that he didn’t make money, but he won’t tell you which project she made money with, and then who he drank wine with, who he ate with, and what kind of reason he made such a sum of money by chance. If you just listen to his superficial reply, you mistakenly think that buying paint will make money, then you will fall into the gutter
So whether you can make money or not, in addition to being told by others, the way may include the method, but the most important thing is to combine your own characteristics, to explore and understand by yourself. If others only tell you the direction, and you don’t succeed, it may also be a high probability event

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