In the afternoon, a college student appeared on wechat to communicate with me and asked if he could do a school problem for him
What’s the result of giving free help to others? illustration
Because I took a look, the topic for me is professional after all, so it is very simple
The other side said to help him do it, but also to give some fees
Because in the hospital with, in a daze bored, with 1 minute can help him write out the answer
But I think


Because I met a lot of, as long as you are free to help others, must be met with white eyed wolf
Because of this psychological preparation, and because I have nothing to do now, so I give each other the answer
The other side said, it’s too late. They don’t have to hand in the homework
Also deleted my wechat
I expected that
Why do I do this? Because I just want to test whether such college students are all like this again. One minute doesn’t waste my time
There’s no mistake. I verified it
Since then, in all my we media, social media, and all my video platforms, I have been able to get in touch on the Internet and find my friends through the Internet
As long as it’s the demanding type, you don’t have to pay attention to it. It turns out that it’s meaningless
Just remember one sentence
I’m not Lei Feng, and I don’t want to be Lei Feng. If you want to find Lei Feng, you can find it yourself

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