Today is the 7th day in ICU

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I just communicated with the director of the ICU. The director said that a postoperative epilepsy still occurred yesterday afternoon, so he still needs to continue to control epilepsy.
But when I saw a person this morning, I saw that the right leg was bent, and the left leg was resting on Erlang’s leg. It is estimated that the person is extremely uncomfortable lying flat, but it also proves that the right leg and the left leg have the ability to move, but it is still I don’t speak, so it’s not quite sure whether I’m aphasia now. I asked whether the poetic words of the attending doctor compress the nerves and cause long-term appetite in the future. I can’t be sure now and need further observation.
When communicating with other family members in the ICU escort area, everyone complained about being accompany in the ICU. In fact, they could not see any situation of their relatives in the ICU, so they were very anxious and helpless.

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