Today ICU is waiting for the 4th day

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In the morning, the doctor and our family had a meeting to communicate. It was said that yesterday’s atrial fibrillation problem is now under control, but the thrombosis in the legs is now controlled by medication and needs further observation. However, the brain surgeon still thinks it is very successful. The craniotomy will not cause pain, because there are not too many muscles in the head, but nerves, but the doctor said, because after the brain surgery is completed, because the patient is lying down during ICU observation, plus the age, It is easy to cause a variety of complications. The problem of atrial fibrillation, thrombosis, and possible cerebral infarction that appeared yesterday. Complications caused by diabetes are more worrying.
At 5 pm, the director communicated with us again, because today there were more than three epilepsy symptoms in a minute, and we will have to take another brain CT to observe whether the brain still has bleeding. This epilepsy The problem of intravenous control with sedative drugs is now needed to observe what to do next. The director said that if persistent epilepsy cannot be controlled, there will still be a high risk of life, and this is also a problem of surgical complications.

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