On October 1st, a friend from other places came to see me in Xi’an

I also saw on the Internet that I didn’t say that I wanted to come over and just met him when I was free. I invited him to have a meal and told him how to do it in this industry. But it made me feel that I wasted a lot of time
In addition to the understatement of thanks, the other side is constantly asking me to do more for him. Although he said “I have an idea, I don’t know if I can say it”, he meant to let me help him find someone to take him at work, and he can pay others. In fact, no one is willing to earn his money
If he is willing to pay for the tuition, there may be someone to teach him, but he has already given money to others, and the person who has given money has not done anything for him
So I gave him something beyond the people he paid, but this kind of communication made me feel not very comfortable, because my time cost was also very expensive, so some friends on the Internet didn’t chat with me after communicating with me, that is to ask for information, some things in this industry that he couldn’t find by himself, and even whether college students could help him write In fact, all the characteristics of this kind of people are almost constant demands
I remember that a friend who was engaged in foreign trade in Shenzhen and I also talked about her. After someone contacted him on some social media, most people were looking for him to ask for something, that is, to ask for this thing, to ask for that thing, and even some people said whether they could take her. So this friend also said that he was extremely disgusted with this kind of people

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