In the past, I met a girl when I was recruiting and selling in the team. Now I think it’s extremely wonderful

I observed it from a small detail. At that time, several bank salesmen of the company came to promote credit cards. When I heard this, the new comer told both parents of the bank salesmen

Because I was not clear about his family situation, I even naively thought that he really had such a family situation at that time, but later, other people in the team told me that this was what he said to the people in the bank. His parents died, and his father was alive

Less than a week after he came to the company, a male employee called me in the middle of the night, meaning that he wanted the girl to talk about where he lived in the evening. As a result, there was a quarrel with other people who shared the rent with the boy, and even it was about to open up. The male employee asked me to see if I could help. In fact, I didn’t know until I went to know the situation, How unreasonable this employee is

At that time, my request to the team was to dismiss the girl immediately, but it was opposed by two male employees who had worked in the company for a long time. It turned out that both of them liked this person at the same time, good guy

Now think about it. If we don’t cut the mess quickly, there will always be endless problems. One person can finish the team


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