The Internet has said that many friends take computers at Starbucks these days, which is an act of coercion.

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Actually, I also take a computer at Starbucks
After all, as a long-term freelance
If I can’t concentrate at all when I lie at home, I’ll either watch TV or play on my mobile phone.
It’s not easy to find a place where you can use your computer outdoors
Some bookstores can actually sit
But you have to consume the coffee in these bookstores, and it’s extremely awful. Because of this awful coffee, you can’t go to these bookstores, and I can’t figure out why these bookstores make coffee like shit
At least no one at Starbucks will drive you away
There are a variety of coffees, you can always find one to drink
If dozens of dollars of coffee are still forced, then you must be so poor. .
But what I’m most annoying is that someone at Starbucks always says loudly that he is in France and what he is doing in Germany, especially the voices of many girls are very loud and very noisy. The best way is to bring headphones to solve everything.
McDonald’s, KFC Pizza Hut, you can’t do it all the time, and there is no outlet
By the way, there is another good place called the shared study room!
Suitable for the general postgraduate entrance examination group, I have not been there yet, I will experience it another day


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