Yesterday, sitting on the street, I heard someone chatting with me. They were worried that if they changed their 5g mobile phone, the Internet charges would be much higher, and if they were not careful, they might download too fast, resulting in their own charges exceeding the limit

At present, I use 5g for almost a month, and I just changed a 5g mobile phone, did not call the operator, upgraded 5g, but as long as there is a signal, basically automatically switch to 5g

If it’s where China Telecom basically goes, small streets, including some indoor environments, there is a 90% probability that it has 5g signal. The outdoor speed can generally reach 500 megabytes. In the city, it’s almost 50 megabytes or 60 megabytes, which is similar to 4G. As for Unicom, it’s a very bad experience. If my mobile phone tries Unicom’s model and takes the subway to scan the code, that’s OK The slowest person must be me, because the health code can’t be opened. In 90% of cases, Unicom can’t find 5g signal, and the 4G experience is very bad, and the speed is very slow. Obviously, I feel limited


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