Ct again at night
Just now the doctor said that the epilepsy situation should be properly controlled
Immediately afterwards, do ct again

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Along the way, I see the old man is in a state of lethargy
The doctor who accompanied me said it was like this with calmness
10 minutes after ct, the attending doctor asked our family members to communicate
The doctor took the ct and told us that the bleeding on the left side was normal for the first 3 days, but a dark spot appeared again last night. The doctor highly suspects that this is another bleeding situation, but the doctor also said The blood vessels spurting blood during the last craniotomy must have been resolved by surgery. It will not be the blood vessel from the last operation, so it can only be suspected that there is new blood oozing or artificial. One was used to isolate the skull and the brain. Tissue valve
Therefore, the new condition of CT that was checked tonight was a problem that suddenly appeared. The doctor said that he would stop using blood coagulation drugs tonight, because this condition did not appear in the first three days, and it appeared from today. It was caused by the use of blood clotting drugs from last night to now, so I stopped tonight, and will have another CT tomorrow morning to check this problem.
As for whether to use the second craniotomy, the doctor’s reply is to observe and do the CT before talking. The same doctor still asks us to be psychologically prepared because he can’t promise that the treatment will be good this time.


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