SEO was dead?

Today I saw a classmate, just he took his brother to have a meal together, his brother is engaged in the computer industry his brother is a professional for several years, specialized in others do network optimization, website optimization, that is, SEO this position. Fired, although I am not in the computer industry, but do website and do network marketing promotion, this is my daily work to do things, so I also discussed with him and exchange

Should be a lot of professional engaged in such work may be relatively pessimistic, they will often say the seo industry has been declining, because must be hard to find a job, or think the vast majority of enterprises do seo or waiting time is too long, of course, the purpose of my communication is not go against him, nor to change his cognition, that is his things, I just think you engaged in any industry, if you don’t know to keep pace with The Times, don’t know how to observe the demand of the society, it is likely you will be in to the dead end for small applications such as now society demand is very big, for short video demand is very big, So isn’t that what people in the computer industry do? Why talk about SEO failing, and then get stuck in it, when you give yourself an invisible shackle and you can’t find a solution in your own circle of pain

SEO was dead
SEO was dead

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