Second ct

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It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon until the doctor arranged to do ct, mainly to observe whether the brain is still bleeding
I took the patient out of the bed from ICU. I took a look. His eyes were still open. His eyes were not godless, but when everyone carried him to the unit price, he felt very upset. , The hands were originally tied to the icu bed, and the entire hands and arms were wrapped by the doctor. When they were carried on the stretcher, the hands were struggling constantly. The doctor also asked to hold the hands well and not let the hands struggle. I touched the tube of the oxygen bag and the tube of the urinary tube on my body. My sister and I talked to my dad about asking him to do a checkup. From my dad’s hum, I felt that human consciousness should still be Yes, not completely unconscious
But during the ICU inspection process, when there is still an ICU, I feel that his whole state is very irritable, especially his hands are constantly struggling, and even the upper body of the stretcher is struggling. My feeling is that he wants to turn sideways, or is The tube throughout the body is very painful. I had a puncture operation in the hospital a few months ago. At that time, I couldn’t move and had to lie down. When I inserted the catheter, I was very painful. I wanted to turn over and feel very bad. Irritability, mainly because people who can’t speak may struggle more. After returning to ICU, the doctor may use tranquilizers to control it. . .

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