sea buckthorn powder

What is sea buckthorn powder

Sandaria (Hippophae rhamnoides Linn.) is a deciduous shrub in the family Huadaceae, with 7 species and 11 subspecies.China is the country with the largest area and the largest types of seabuckthorn distribution area, with 7 species and 7 subspecies

The total area is about 2.7 million hm2, accounting for more than 90% of the world’s growth area of sea-buckthorn, and is mainly distributed in 19 provinces (autonomous regions, including Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai and Gansu

organic sea buckthorn juice powder
organic sea buckthorn juice powder
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The nutritional value of sea-buckthorn

The nutritional value of sea-buckthorn and sea buckthorn powder

Studies have confirmed that sand spines have rich nutritional value, and their nutritional ingredients and bioactive ingredients rank in the crown of fruit and tea, and have the same characteristics of medicine and food.

Currently, more than 400 nutrients and bioactive components, such as VC, VE, carotenoids, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, flavonoids, serotonin, superoxide dismutase (SOD), sterols, trace elements and proteins, have been isolated from sea buckthorn roots, stem, stem, leaves, flowers and fruit

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What is ecological value of sea buckthorn powder

The growth and reproduction of sea buckthorn ,sea buckthorn powder has a typical clonal growth habit, which can rely on strong tillering capacity. It has dense irrigation, developed roots and strong tillering initiation ability, which has a special role in the recovery of vegetation in arid and semi-arid areas.

sea buckthorn powder and Sand thorn is not only known in the natural environment as the “natural dam” of soil and water, or the green barrier of wind and sand fixation, can effectively slow the wind speed, in the aspect of soil and water maintenance and wind and sand fixation is called blowing “retaining wall”, “collapse” biological dam “, with high ecological value, is the pioneer tree species of barren hills and slope afforestation.

It is observed that more than 70 buds can sprout on 1 m long roots, 3~5 years of 1~1.5 m high, 430 roots, with a total length of 68.5 m.

Moreover, 90% of the roots are distributed in 0~60 cm soil layer, which can be closed into forest in 3~5 years, forming ” an umbrella on the ground, a blanket on the ground and a net underground

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Why is there so much VC in Seabuckthorn

VC in sea buckthorn is high in whole berries, up to 2 500 mg / 100 g; VE is higher than fruit juice, VE is over 100 times that in fruit; carotene in fruit residue oil is also high, reaching 187 mg / 100 g, higher than fruit, butter and seed oil; unsaturated fatty acids are mostly distributed in pulp oil and seed oil

Sand-buckthorn fruit oil, mainly contains palmitoleic acid, palmitto acid, unsaturated fatty acid content is 62.50%.Sand thorn seed oil mainly contains linoleic acid, linolenic acid.It is distributed in fruit, butter, seed oil and leaves, with high flavonoids up to 1 200 mg / 100 g, followed by dry berries and seed oil

Protein is distributed in fruit, crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and nitrogen free leaching are distributed in leaves; SOD antioxidants are mainly distributed in fruit and leaves, fruit site is about 2 times the leaf site, serotonin is less in spines and stem skin, root and sugar are distributed in fruit and branches and leaves, glucose in fruit, accounting for 80% of the total sugar amount.

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What is the edible value of seabuckthorn and sea buckthorn powder

Sand thorn fruit can be eaten fresh, sour and slightly sweet, and has a fragrance, but because of the large acidity of fresh fruit, fresh sales is small, mainly used for processing.According to statistics, there are more than 3,000 kinds of sand-buckthorn processing enterprises in China, covering more than 200 products of 8 categories, such as food, health care products, drugs and cosmetics

What is Sand spine juice drink and what is sea buckthorn powder

The juice drinks in China mainly include raw pulp and juice drinks.In the development of research, because it contains more fruit oil, it has a great impact on the stability of fruit juice.In order to solve the problem of seabuckthorn juice stratification, such as pectin and yellow raw glue were used as stabilizer to determine the relationship between centrifugal precipitation ratio and particle size and obtain the optimal formula of seabuckthorn turbid juice stabilizer.

In addition to the original pulp and juice, seabuckthorn juice can be combined into composite juice drinks with seabuckthorn leaves, fragrant pear and red dates, respectively, which not only retains the nutrition and health function, but also masks the bad flavor of seabuckthorn juice.Sand-buckthorn juice drinks not only enrich the beverage varieties, but also can supplement the lack of nutrition in the daily diet and enhance the physique of consumers

What is oil from hippophae rhamnoides

Sand-buckthorn oil is called “oil gold” internationally.Sand buckthorn oil products include fruit oil, seed oil and mixed oil, the product form is capsules, oral liquid and bottled oil.

In the mid-1990s, there was a boom of developing sand buckthorn oil in China, and formulated industry standards.According to the National Food and Drug Administration, there are 63 kinds of health foods based on sea-buckthorn, including 22 kinds that clearly contain sea-buckthorn oil ingredients

What is Sand spine wine from sea buckthorn powder

Sand buckthorn fruit wine unique flavor, contains a variety of biological active ingredients, is a popular nutrition and health wine

What is Sand spine tea from sea buckthorn powder

Sacanthine leaves contain vitamins, flavonoids, terterpenoids, steroids, sterols, polyphenols, serotonin, polysaccharide, crude protein, crude fiber and amino acids, etc. The caffeine content is 3~10 times lower than general tea.

Sacanthine tea can be regarded as a drink with a variety of health effects.

seabuckthorn tea is usually made with chrysanthemum, cassia, green tea, wolfberry into high aroma of health tea

What is Sand spines fruit vinegar,sea buckthorn powder

Acanthella vinegar is made of acanthella and fermented by alcohol Sand-buckthorn fruit vinegar beverage is sea-buckthorn vinegar as an acid flavor agent, supplemented by sea-buckthorn juice, sucrose and honey.

It not only has the aroma and nutrition of sea-buckthorn and thorn juice, but also has the health care function of sea-buckthorn vinegar and honey.

It is a new international fourth-generation beverage developed after carbonated drinks, cola drinks and lactic acid bacteria drinks

What is Sand anthberry powder with dried fruit of sea buckthorn powder

Sandsea buckthorn fruit powder is generally made of freeze-dried, drying and spray drying, and now the dried fruit powder is widely used.

Sand buckthorn frozen dried fruit powder is dried by a vacuum frozen drying machine, maintaining the nutritional composition, color and flavor of the product to the maximum extent.

There are two kinds of freeze-dried fruit powder: one is the whole fruit powder, including not only all the nutrients in the juice, but also all the ingredients in the seeds, and the other is dried by vacuum vacuum after fruit oil separation.

There are also some seabuckthorn fruit powder on the market is using the traditional technology through high temperature concentration and high temperature drying and crushing, the nutrition loss is greater, the health care effect is greatly reduced.

Some fruit powder is sand buckthorn freeze-dried powder as the main raw material, supplemented by wolfberry, red bean seed, sweeteners, stabilizer and thickener to make sand buckthorn composite powder with good nutrition and flavor, which not only enhances the nutrition and health care function, but also makes up for each other in flavor and is loved by consumers

The present production of dried sand-buckthorn fruit is basically dried, dried or Yin dried, causing a certain nutritional loss in the drying process.

Chinese researchers have begun to study the vacuum freeze-drying technology of seabuckthorn fruit, that is, the freezing state below the cocrystal point, to sublimate the water forming ice crystals through vacuum.This dried thorn better maintains its shape, color, nutrition and flavor.

What is medicinal value of sea buckthorn powder

China is the earliest country to record the medicinal value of sea buckthorn.

In the first half of the 8th century, the earliest classical Tibetan medicine of the Moon was published, in which the medicinal value of sea buckthorn was recorded.Since then, as a traditional medicine for the Tibetan and Mongolian nationalities, seabuckthorn has been used to treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, digestive system diseases, frostbite, and burns.

In the Four Medical Classics of the Tang Dynasty, it is recorded that sea-buckthorn was honored as the “Holy fruit of the Western Regions” and the head of the four King Kong of Tibetan medicine.It is generally believed in the world medical community that sea-buckthorn is a magical broad-spectrum drug given by nature to human beings.

Many components of sand spines have shown unique therapeutic effects in inhibiting tumor cells, radiation resistance, antiviral, anti-aging, anti-fatigue, hypoglycemic, antibacterial, wound healing, anti-inflammatory, and enhancing body immunity

What is feeding value of sea buckthorn powder

In the study of sand buckthorn at home and abroad, feed varieties for animal husbandry are cultivated.

Its branches and leaves are rich in protein, fat and biological active substances, which are the woody feed for a variety of livestock. Its nutritional value is higher than ordinary forage grass, and it has strong regeneration ability, which is known as “hardcore forage grass”

According to a survey in Zhangchuan Township, Junger Banner, Inner Mongolia, sheep raised with sand buckthorn produce an average of 5 kg higher than other grasslands and 30% higher than other grasslands.When using thorn leaves and residues as feed or supplementary feed, milk goat milk increased by 6.24% to 6.88% .

Therefore, leaf and residue as supplementary feed have different degrees to promote the growth of sand and production performance of livestock and poultry.

The efficient use of leaf and residue as supplementary feed increases the source of high-quality feed, and improves the quantity and quality of milk meat and eggs, which is of great significance for the development of animal husbandry

What is The main chemical composition of sea buckthorn powder

As a medicinal and food homologue, it contains a variety of bioactive substances and a large number of nutrients, mainly under W chemistry:

sea buckthorn powder Yellow compounds

Different parts of Acanthe contain flavoids, and as an essential nutrient of human body, it cannot be naturally synthesized naturally, and can only be ingested by diet

The research results showed that the content of yellow oids in sand spines increases with high altitude, and the content of yellow toilets in the leaves is higher than in other parts

The isolation study found that the flavoids in sea buckthorn were mainly pictin, isochhamin, Shanei and arxin and these four clever compounds

According to the chemical structure, flavoids can be divided into six ols, diaminflavol, flacinol, anthocyanin, Charles and anthocyanins

Landshade and retention compounds of sea buckthorn powder

Shade and sauces are also abundant in sand spines, including compounds such as bear fruit acid, digitqiao, and fragrant tree essence are isolated in the leaves and fruit, and the content of these components is related to the picking time

The 14 orchid related compounds including cycloyolk inol, cholesterol and high dicerol were also detected in sand buckthorn leaf immersion

The highest content of more than 20 sauces identified was P-glulituthiol.

sea buckthorn powder Organic acids, cool classes, and sugars

The total content of organic acids in sea buckthorn fruit is 3.8 6% -4.2 5%, which mainly includes malic acid, catalpa acid, tartaric acid, etc.Multiple cheese compounds in sand thorn mainly include coumarin, usoxic acid W and cool acid

sea buckthorn powder Alkaloids

According to literature reports, alkaloids, halmanian alkaline and camel alkaline have been isolated in seabuckthorn fruit

5-As a neurotransmitter, 5-radial chromatamine is a rare substance in plants, with a W free and bound form in the root skin, stem skin and fruit of sand spines

sea buckthorn powder can Protein and amino acids

Sand-buckthorn is also very rich in protein content, in its fruit contains a total of 1 8 amino acids, including 8 human essential amino acids, but also contains a large number of constants and trace elements needed by the human body

sea buckthorn powder can Vixon, plain class

They are abundant, and indicate that they are mainly vitamin A, B,, B2,B122, C, E, F, K i, P, etc., with the highest vitamin C, E and A

The content of Vc is essentially higher than any fruit and vegetable plant and in the absence of ascorbate oxidase (A PX)

sea buckthorn powder can Oil and fatty acids

Acanththorn seed oil and fruit oil are collectively referred to as sea buckthorn oil, which skillfully shows that sea buckthorn oil is mainly composed of C, 4-C, class 8 fatty acids, and is mostly unsaturated fatty acids and easy to absorb

The amount of sandbuckthorn oil contains sandpipin is 0.9% -1.1%, among which W and brain sandpipin are the main components, which has an important physiological and health care role.Sand thorn also contains volatile oil with aromatic smell, W can play the effect of cough and asthma, spleen and stomach, anti-inflammatory inflammation

What is Biological characteristics of sand spines sea buckthorn powder

Sand thorn (such as opA oe) is deciduous shrub or small tree, 1-2 m high, thorns, gray brown, young branches densely brown scales;

single leaves alternate or near, full edge, extremely short, 1-2 mm long, monophytic flowers, short, raceme, poor; nucleoid berries, nearly round or oval, yellow or orange; seed brown.Pollen grains are 3 or 4 groove holes with smooth or granular, polished surfaces

Where does Seabuckthorn live and sea buckthorn powder

Sand thorn is the family Huchaceae, alias vinegar willow, acid thorn, etc.Sand buckthorn growth has strong adaptability to climate and ± soil conditions, even under unfavorable conditions such as cold, high temperature, resident alkali, water humidity, drought and poor dissolution.

Root nodules, can fix the free nitrogen in the air, and can improve the ± soil conditions by 1 to maintain water .

Sand-buckthorn is rich in bioactive ingredients, which are beneficial to human body and has good development prospects. At present, sand-buckthorn processed food has jelly, jam, etc., which has a strong edible, ecological and medicinal value.

What is Chemical composition of anthanthanthones ,sea buckthorn powder

Flavones in sand spines are high in content and widely found in the fruits, seeds and leaves of sand spines, mainly isoxins, quercetin, kaempferol, arxin, rutin, catechin and their osides

What is Other values of sea buckthorn powder

As an energy tree species, sand buckthorn has the advantages of large salary yield, large heat, and flat stubble resistance.

In the thermal value comparison of 22 major woody plants in Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, the sea-buckthorn is only slightly lower than the biennial pine branches and carnagana, ranking third

In terms of ornamental species, sand buckthorn is “not leaves or fruit” all the year round, with thick green leaves and bright fruits.

It is an ideal landscaping and ornamental tree species, which can be used as a protective ornamental hedge in park, village, farmland side, canal side and roadside.On the military side, the United States, Russia and other countries have added sea-buckthorn food and beverage to astronaut food.

The application of sea-buckthorn food in the military diet can help solve the prominent problems of large vitamin loss, gastrointestinal diseases, chronic constipation, and oral ulcer.

In terms of cosmetics, sea-buckthorn cosmetics, as a new star of natural functional cosmetics, has now developed many anti-oxidation and anti-aging sea-buckthorn cosmetics, such as sea-buckthorn body gel, sea-buckthorn massage oil and sea-buckthorn facial mask

What is Pharmacological effect and research value of sea buckthorn powder

China is the earliest country in the world to record the medical use of buckthorn.

As a similar plant of medicine and food, thorn buckthorn was one of the important components of Mongolian medicine and Tibetan medicine as early as ancient China, and has a variety of pharmacological effects.

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