mucuna pruriens powder manufacturer

mucuna pruriens powder manufacturer

Product Details:
Packaging Size 25 Kg HDPE Drums
Packaging Type Customised
Color White
Brand Himalayan Herbaria Inc.
Pack Size 25kg,50kg
Part Used seed
Scientific Name Mucuna Pruriens
Strength 15% to 60% L-dopa
Botanical name Mucuna Pruriens
Common name Velvet bean,Cowitch,Cowhage
Standardized for Upto 15% L-Dopa
Mucuna Pruriens Extracts is a shrub which uses it vines as support to climb and grow. When Mucuna pruriens are young they are covered with hair which disappears as the plant gets old. The leaves of Mucuna pruriens are of various shapes like ovate, tripinnate and rhombus shape. It is common to find purple, white and lavender flowers on Mucuna pruriens.

Botanical Name: Mucuna Pruriens
Common Name: Velvet bean, Cowitch, Cowhage
Standardized For: Upto 15% L-Dopa
Parts Used: Seeds, root, leaves
Standardrised to L-Dopa 60%

The beans of Mucuna pruriens is being used on sportspersons to increase their muscle mass. These seeds help in improving the memory power and help to gain weight which is lost due to excessive exercise.
Oral intake of Mucuna pruriens seed helps in promoting fertility and improves erection.

Dopamine also increases other youth hormones such as which increases libido in men and women
The main constituent of Mucuna pruriens seeds is L-dopa which acts as a natural dopamine. Also used to ameliorate Parkinson’s disease, an age-related nervous disorder which affects the brain of the person. Dopamine is known to be effective in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

The Mucunain found in the hairs of seedpods is used to extract intestinal worms in people and animals

Additional Information:

Production Capacity: 2 to 3 ton
Delivery Time: 10 to 12 days