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What is mct powder and Organic MCT powder supplier

Organic MCT powder supplier
Organic MCT powder supplier

Medium-chain triglycerides refer to fatty acids with carbon atomic number between 6 ~ 10, formed by esterification, mainly in cocoa and palm oil

It was first introduced in the 19 50s as an absorbable and high energy density nutrient to treat patients with long-chain fat malabsorption in general

What is Metabolic pathways of MCT( medium chain triglyceride) and LCT(long chain triglyceride)

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Metabolic pathways of MCT( medium chain triglyceride) and LCT(long chain

What is the oils and fatty acids

Greases, as the main source of essential fatty acids and calories in the body, are glycerides (TAG) condensed by three fatty acids.With the oil categories, their fatty acid distribution will vary greatly, and their physical and chemical properties will change, while the position of fatty acids on TAG in binding to glycerol will change the digestion and absorption of oil in the human body.

The binding sites on TAG, according to the Stereos-pecifically Numbering method, can be classified into sn-1, sn-2 and sn-3, as shown in Figures 1 – 1.

For simplicity, the α, β nomenclature was also used where the carbon level on glycerol, sn-1 and sn-3 are α, while the intermediate carbon level, or sn-2, is β.Therefore, in the process of studying TAG, it is mainly the study of which the fatty acids constituting the grease are composed of, and their position on glycerol

What is Natural fatty acids of Organic MCT powder supplier

Natural fatty acids are mainly dual carbon direct chain fatty acids, fatty acids without double bonds are called saturated fatty acids, and those containing double bonds are called unsaturated fatty acids.Both acetic acid to tricodecanic acid are present in natural oils, and it is generally agreed that fatty acids below hexic acid are short chain fatty acids (Short Chain Fatty Acid,SCFA), bitter acid and Chinese sour acid are medium chain fatty acid (Medium Chain Fatty Acid,MCFA), and dodecanic acid above long chain fatty acids ((Long Chain Fatty Acid,LCFA).

As shown in Table 1-1 are the common fatty acids.

What is MCT and which is the best of Organic MCT powder supplier

The oil used as food is mainly vegetable oil (vegetable oil), common plant oil, for example, soybean oil (Soybean oil), rapeseed oil (Rapeseed oil), sunflower oil (Sunflower seed oil) are fatty acids of long carbon chain (Long Chain Fatty Acid), the distribution of fatty acids is mainly concentrated near C14-C20; coconut oil, milk fat and others contain some poignant fatty acid and decanoate fatty acids.

Glycerides composed of long chain fatty acids, called long chain triglycerides (LCT), and triglycerides composed of medium chain fatty acids, called medium long carbon chain triglycerides (MCT)

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