Organic Carrot Extract

Beta Carotene is one of the family of carotenoids which is the liposoluble compound colored orange or dark red.That is the most stable natural pigment that can convert to Vitamin A in human body. Beta carotene has the function of antioxidant as well as detoxication. It is the most important nutrient for human which can always be found in daily vegetables and fruit like spinage, carrots, mango and pawpaw. In addition to that, beta carotene also has the function of anti-cancer, preventing angiocarpy diseases and cataract. And for animals, beta carotene can promote the growth and fertility.

Product Name Beta Carotene
Appearance Free-flowing orange red crystalline powder
Synonym Provitamin A; Carotene; .beta.,.beta.-Carotene
Specification 10%, 20%
CAS 7235-40-7