Organic Black Cohosh Root Extract

Black cohosh, or actaea racemosa (was formerly cimicifuga racemosa), is a plant that has a long tradition of use. It is a plant that grows in the forests all along the Eastern United States, from Maine all the way down to Georgia. It is also found in parts of Canada, in Indiana, and Missouri. If you are interested in learning what it looks like, you can easily find it in a standard field guide of those regions.

What’s Pure Natural Black Cohosh Root P.E.?
Basic Info
Product name: Pure Natural Black Cohosh Root P.E.
Main Ingredient: Triterpene Glycosides
Botanical source: Cimicifuga foetida L
Specification: 2.5% 5% 8%
Test Method: HPLC
Part of the plant used: Root
Appearance: Yellow brown power