Natural Astaxanthin Powder, astaxanthin is an oxidative type carotenoid, mainly from microorganisms and marine life, with strong antioxidant activity because of its special chemical structure, which is widely used in health food, health care and other fields

What is Astaxanthin ? What is Natural Astaxanthin Powder?

Natural Astaxanthin Powder
What is Astaxanthin ? Natural Astaxanthin Powder

Aaxanthin (Astaxanthin), also known as shrimp yellow and lobster shell pigment, is a red natural carotenoid present in marine life that is widely used in biological fields, especially shrimp, algae bodies, salmon, yeast

The chemical name of astaxanthin is 3,3 ′ -dihydroxyl-4,4 ′ -dikeone- β,β’-carotene with the formula C40H52O4, relative molecular mass of 596

The molecular structure of astaxanthin has a long conjugated double bond chain with unsaturated and hydroxyl groups at the end of the conjugated double bond chain, which constitutes the α-hydroxylone.These structures all have more lively electronic effects that can attract free radicals or provide electrons to free radicals for the purpose of free radical clearance

In recent years, a large number of studies at home and abroad have also shown that because of the unique chemical structure, astaxanthin has a strong antioxidant activity, which has a positive role in preventing the development of cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes and other chronic diseases, improving immunity and delaying aging

What is Mechanism of astaxanthin antioxidant action

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What is Mechanism of astaxanthin antioxidant action

The ability to remove hydroxyl radicals and quench monoid oxygen is an important indicator for oxidation resistance of natural products.The reaction of peroxide negative ions with hydrogen peroxide generates hydroxyl radicals, which can kill red blood cells and degrade DNA, cell membranes and polysaccharide compounds, and the harmful effects can be significantly reduced with the addition of hydroxyl radical scavenger

What is the chemical structure of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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What is the chemical structure of astaxanthin

The astaxanthin formula is C40H52O4, molecular weight of 596.86, the melting point of 224℃, insoluble in water, easily soluble in some organic solvents such as chloromethane, chloroform, microsoluble in mostly said organic solvents such as petroleum ether, methanol, acetone, etc.

The hexagon ring composed of two isoprene units is connected by a series of conjugated double bonds

What is Natural Astaxanthin Powder stereoisomerism

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What is astaxanthin stereoisomerism

There are hydroxyl groups at both ends of astaxanthin molecule that can react with fatty acids to form monoesters and diesters. The two carbon atoms C-3 and C-3 ‘connected with the hydroxyl groups are the two chiral centers of astaxanthin. Each chiral center can have two conformations

What is the biological activity and application of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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What is the biological activity and application of astaxanthin

Modern studies have shown that astaxanthin in addition to the coloring function can be applied to natural pigment, but also has the antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-tumor, the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and other biological activities, so it has broad application prospects in the pharmaceutical and food industry

What is the strong antioxidant activity of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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What is the strong antioxidant activity of astaxanthin

astaxanthin, by far the strongest antioxidant in nature, removes free radicals produced by UV irradiation, reduces the damage caused by biochemistry to organisms and prevents photoaging of skin.

Its antioxidant activity is 500 ~ 1000 times that of VE, and has the title of “supervitamin E”.Therefore, astaxanthin can be used as an antioxidant in industries such as medicine, health care products and cosmetics

What is the anticancer effect of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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What is the anticancer effect of astaxanthin

astaxanthin acts directly on the immune system and significantly promoting the production of T cell-associated antigens in vivo, leading to tumor reduction.

For example, it can inhibit the mutagenic effect of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) in the human body, and effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer.Thus, astaxanthin can be used as a complex for the development of anticancer agents, immune enhancers, and anti-infectious agents.

What is the chemical synthesis of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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What is the chemical synthesis of astaxanthin

The main pathway of chemical synthesis of astaxanthin is to add one hydroxyl group and one ketone group to the two terminal rings of β-carotene, which requires multi-step reaction, complex process,

more difficult to control the production of by-products, and reduced safety performance.In addition, the synthetic astaxanthin antioxidant activity, bioabsorption effect and color properties are worse than those of natural astaxanthin, and people’s demand for natural astaxanthin is becoming more and more urgent

How is Natural Astaxanthin Powder extracted naturally

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How is astaxanthin extracted naturally

There are three main sources of natural extracted astaxanthin: aquatic product waste, algae and microorganisms.

Aquatic waste is very low, binding state, more impurities and high extraction cost, it is mainly through algae (mainly rhoiococcus) and microorganisms (French yeast), but French yeast culture cost, hard cell wall, difficult extraction;

algae slow growth, long growth cycle, harsh growth conditions, high water quality, environment and light requirements, more impurities in extracts, resulting in low astaxanthin purity, these factors restrict the scale production of natural astaxanthin

It is shown that higher plant flower tissues in the genus lateral marigold also contain high levels of astaxanthin, from which astaxanthin is a very promising and promising method.On the one hand, the astaxanthin extracted from marigula activity is high, basically consistent with the molecular structure of astaxin in organisms such as salmon; on the other hand, the lateral marigold cultivation conditions are simple, easy to achieve large-scale planting, so as easy to achieve industrial production

What is Natural Astaxanthin Powder extract

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What is astaxanthin extract

Xiaxanthin is a common natural pigment in shrimp, crab, salmon and other aquatic raw materials, as an important member of the carotenoid family,

is currently found to have the strongest antioxidant activity, its antioxidant capacity is far higher than vitamin E, β -carotene, grape seed, yellow voxel, proanthocyanin, coenzyme Q10, tea polyphenols and lycopene existing natural antioxidants

The super antioxidant ability of astaxanthin has stimulated the researchers to explore the function of astaxanthin in human health care.Studies have shown that astaxanthin has many health functions such as preventing cardiovascular disease, protecting vision protection, anti-aging and improving human immunity and fertility

What is the organic solvent extraction of astaxanthin extract

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What is the organic solvent extraction of astaxanthin extract

A large number of studies have shown that acetone extracts well from astaxanthin because it contains bases highly similar to astaxanthin.Xiaxanthin recovery was highest from acetonitrile compared with organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol and acetonitrile

However, Natural Astaxanthin Powder,organic solvents such as acetone have the characteristics of low boiling point, volatile, and moderate toxicity, which may have food safety risks in food processing

What is microwave assisted extraction of astaxanthin extract

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What is microwave assisted extraction of astaxanthin extract

Microwave-assisted extraction technology is a new extraction technology developed based on traditional organic solvent extraction.We show that the extraction of astaxanthin from R. rainococcus using microwave-assisted extraction is a cost-effective method

Microwave energy is transmitted through microalgae biomass, increasing intracellular kinetic energy and causing vibration of liquid particles.

Subsequent increases in cell temperature and increased cell wall pressure cause cell division.In addition, the microwave-assisted process achieves the effect of shortening the extraction time by breaking the intermolecular bond of the extraction solvent and promoting the dissolved ions through the cell matrix pore

What is ultrasonic assisted extraction of astaxanthin extract

Ultrasonic assisted extraction is a modern technique for efficient recovery of rhoiococcus astaxanthin.Ultrastaxin was extracted by cavitation and the cell wall is rapidly disrupted, thereby enhancing the delivery of the extractant in the cell matrix

The power, temperature and solution concentration of ultrasound are key parameters for astaxanthin extraction

What is the enzymatic hydrolysis of astaxanthin extract

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What is the enzymatic hydrolysis of astaxanthin extract

Natural astaxanthin is present in three forms of free astaxanthin, astaxanthin monolester and diester, and the main existence form is the more stable astaxanthin lipid, namely astaxanthin monolester and astaxanthin diester

The stripping method of astaxanthin ester is divided into saponification method and enzymatic hydrolysis method.To assess the relative efficiency of enzymysis and saponification on natural astaxanthin esters, Su et al found that using cholesterolesterase could completely hydrolyze astaxanthin esters, with its degradation and isomerization significantly diminished

What is supercritical fluid extraction of astaxanthin extract and Natural Astaxanthin Powder

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What is supercritical fluid extraction of astaxanthin extract

Supercritical fluid extraction refers to the extraction of supercritical CO2 fluid as an extraction solvent with a raw material, containing astaxin by adjusting different extraction parameters (temperature, time, pressure, additives, etc.)

The bioactivity of astaxin was maximised by supercritical CO2 extraction and could be extracted and separated into one

A supercritical fluid is a special fluid state of matter, which can seep from the solid like a gas and dissolve the matter like a liquid when the temperature and pressure are above a critical point.Supercritical fluid extraction is an environmentally friendly extraction method, because a solvent-free extraction can be achieved when the CO2 acts as a supercritical fluid

What effect does natural astaxanthin have and Natural Astaxanthin Powder have

astaxanthin has a special molecular structure, which exhibits biological activities including antioxidant, anti-aging and inhibition of chemical mutagenesis.A large number of studies have shown the potential beneficial role of astaxin in preventing and treating tumors, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, eye disease, skin diseases, exercise fatigue and enhancing immunity

reduce blood press of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

Statistically, hypertension is the largest single contributor to the global burden of disease and global mortality.astaxanthin can be effective for vascular remodeling by inhibiting vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and restoring mitochondrial function.

In vitro, astaxanthin reduces the proliferation and migration of vascular smooth muscle cells, reduces the levels of reactive oxygen species in cells, and balances the activity of enzymes associated with reactive oxygen species, including also prototypical coenzyme (NADPH) oxidase, xanthine oxidase, and superoxide dismutase.

anti-aging of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

UV aging is an important factor leading to aging.UV rays reach the human skin producing reactive oxygen species and matrix metalloproteinases, destroying collagen and elastin, causing melanin deposition and skin wrinkles

astaxanthin has been reported to prevent skin thickening and collagen reduction to combat UV-caused skin damage

Anti-fatigue of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

Anti-fatigue effects include delaying fatigue production and accelerating fatigue elimination

Due to its special molecular structure, natural astaxanthin has remarkable effects in removing free radicals, reducing peroxide levels, and strengthening the body’s antioxidant system

astaxanthin can span the blood-brain barrier and protect the brain from acute injury and chronic neurodegeneration

Dietary astaxanthin supplementation improves lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and amino acid metabolism, and has significant effects in removing free radicals and reducing muscle damage

eyeshield of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

It is shown that astaxanthin can reduce the content of retinal protein oxides in the rat retina, inhibit ischemia-induced retinal cell death, and reduce hypertension-induced retinal cell apoptosis, with a key role in the repair of retinal damage

Thus, astaxanthin can play beneficial roles in a variety of ocular diseases, including the delay of metabolic cataract development

Enhance immunity of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

The immune system is highly sensitive to free-radical-induced damage.astaxanthin can not only provide electrons for free radicals, but also bind to free radicals to generate harmless compounds, thus remove free radicals or terminate the chain reaction of free radicals and restore the defense mechanism of the immune system

Antidiabetic activity of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

Diabetes is closely associated with oxidative stress, which may be the result of increased free radicals, reduced antioxidant defense, or both.In general, oxidative stress levels are very high in diabetic patients.It is caused by hyperglycemia, islet B cell function, and tissue damage

astaxanthin decreases glucose and insulin levels in plasma and improves systemic insulin sensitivity and insulin-stimulated glucose uptake

astaxanthin treatment significantly improved glucose tolerance and alleviated islet B cell insufficiency, inhibited dyslipidemia and oxidative stress, increased antioxidant enzyme activity, and ultimately improved reproductive outcomes

antineoplastic of Natural Astaxanthin Powder

Aaxanthin can inhibit the tumor activity of stress-induced natural killer cells through its own antioxidant properties. Aaxanthin effectively improves stress-induced immune dysfunction and even regulate the activity of some genes and inhibit the metastasis of malignant tumors

Although astaxanthin, keratin, and β -carotene all had tumor growth inhibition effects, astaxanthin had the highest antitumor activity

astaxanthin and Natural Astaxanthin Powder modulates the immune response, inhibits cancer cell growth, reduces bacterial load and relieves inflammation in the gastric mucosa, and prevents UV-induced oxidative stress

In conclusion, astaxanthin belongs to the carotenoid and is a natural antioxidant with good free radical clearance capacity.The excellent bioactivity of natural astaxanthin has a wide application prospect and huge market potential, especially in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, health care products, aquaculture and feed additives.

At present, related studies on astaxanthin and human nutrition and health have started late and are mainly focused at in vitro or preclinical levels.Therefore, it is urgent to study in-depth the action mechanism of astaxanthin on human nutrition and health, develop relevant functional food, health cosmetics, pet feed, etc., and expand the application scope and market of natural astaxanthin

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