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What is Silybum maria and What is milk thistle extract

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Silybum marianum

Flying thistle (Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn.) Commonly known as pheasant, milk thistle, is a annual or biennial herb in the family Ainaceae

What does a silymarin look like

About 0.9 ~ of 1.8 m tall, straight angular stems, flowers mostly reddish-purple, rarely white, oval fruit dark brown or black, generally blossom and fruit in 5 ~ October

Where is silymarin grown in China

Initially, ancient physicians and herbalists used thistle as a civilian remedy for hepatitis, in the late 19 60s German pharmacists extracted medicinal active ingredients from thistle fruit and named it thistin.The original jellyfish thistle was grown in southern Europe. In 1972, the Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced it from Germany, which has been widely planted in Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Hubei and other places. In recent years, the annual output of the jellyfish seed has reached tens of thousands of tons

What is The main chemical composition of the flying thistles

Thistin is the main active substance in thhistle, belongs to flavonoid lignin compounds and is easily soluble in organic solvents

Thistin is mainly used in the treatment of cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver injury and other diseases, and also has a strong lipid reduction, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-fibrosis and other effects

It study found that the main component of thhistin, thhistin, has various biological activities such as anti-cancer, antioxidant, antibacterial and liver protection,Animal safety and toxicity experiments showed that thhistin had no adverse reactions in the experimental dose range and was safe and effective

Fly thistle seeds contain about 20% ~ of 30%, mainly linoleic acid (42.1%~58.9%) and oleic acid (20.9%~36.5%), containing a small amount of linolenic acid (0.9%~2.5%) and a total of up to 75% of unsaturated fatty acids

What industry is silymarin used in

At present, the main utilization value of artichoke is as a medicinal plant to isolate and extract its effective ingredient, thistin.The extraction of thhistin is mainly getting thhistle oil and thhistle meal by pressing, and then using organic solvent to extract the thhistin crude.Because it is difficult to mechanized and the extraction is complicated, foreign thistin mainly relies on domestic imported crude products and obtains high profits after fine processing

Reduce fat, lower blood pressure, and improve liver function

As the incidence of hypertension and obesity increases, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and fatty liver have become important public health problems

Thistle oil has a better prevention and relief effect on hypertension and fatty liver

Antioxidant, anti-aging

With the increase of the elderly population, aging has become an inevitable trend of global development. How to delay aging and improve the quality of life of the elderly has become a common concern in today’s society.

What is Study on oil making process of flying thistle oil

  • Mechanical pressing method
    At present, the oil is made by mechanical pressing method with strong adaptability and simple operation,
  • Biozyme-assisted extraction method
    Enzyme-assisted oil lifting is a new oil lift method that opens the cell wall through biodegradation, thus achieving the same purpose as conventional pretreatment methods
  • water extraction process
    Water generation method is the method of extracting fat from oil-rich raw materials
  • Supercritical CO2 extraction method
  • Ultrasonic-assisted extraction method
    Ultrasonic auxiliary technology refers to the method of better contacting the solvent with the raw materials, increasing the contact area between the materials and improving the contact rate through ultrasonic cavitation and mechanical action of the material

What does a silymarin look like

Thistin has a yellow or crystalline powder, bitter and wet.Its higher melting point is 158℃ and is poorly water soluble and almost insoluble in water.Thistin mainly contains five flavonoids, namely Citigroup pine, silibin, mercury pavilion and silin, among which it is the main active ingredient of thhistin

What is The chemical structure of silymarin

milk thistle extract
milk thistle extract

Huang Li chemical platform

Water fly Li seed populism contains a lot of diamine yellow toilet compounds, called water flying cein.In the early 197 0s, various compounds, in addition to the main ingredient in two new yellow toilet lignin compound

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