marigold extract factories

Chrysanthemum aceae, annual herb, scientific name: Tagetes erecta.

The marigold flowers are orange and are seen everywhere in daily life.Often used as decorative plants, it has now been used in South Asia in the medical industry.

Flowers and leaves in particular have been used to treat many diseases and have great potential for the treatment of diseases.University of Michigan studies have found that marigold has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center study found that marigold is also able to organize cell fusion and viral replication.

The Lenas Bowling Institute reported that marigold is rich in lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, carotene, the only antioxidants in the retina that prevent cataracts and macular eye disease; lycopene reduces the risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.marigold can also be used for hemostasis, abdominal pain, constipation, menstrual discomfort, ulcers, varicose veins, cancer treatment, etc.

What is marigold

marigold is a multi-purpose crop that is widely used in medical, pharmaceutical, ornamental, mosquito repellent, etc, and it is planted in the field alternately with other crops to reduce the number of nematodes in the soil and increase crop yield

marigold extract factories
marigold extract factories

marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) is the flower of the perennial herb marigold in Chrysanthemum aceae. It is harvested in summer and autumn. Its flowers and leaves can be used after drying, which has the new effect of clearing heat and phlegm, replenishing blood and removing stasis

How are marigold distributed

How are marigold distributed
How are marigold distributed

marigold is native to Mexico, because of its strong viability and adaptability, it is often used as ornamental plants for cultivation in north and south of China, and is extremely rich in resources

What is the pharmacological action and application of marigold

Lutein in marigold can not only protect against senile macular degeneration and cataract, but also found that marigold extract can also relieve visual fatigue, which improves eye swelling, eye pain, photophobia, blurred vision and dry eyes

What is Marigold Lutein

What is Marigold Lutein
What is Marigold Lutein

Marigold Lutein (MAR), derived from marigold flowers, is a natural and non-toxic pigment.In 1995, the US FDA approved lutein as a food supplement in food and beverage.Lutein has a strong antioxidant capacity, which can prevent human aging

The physiological activity of lutein in marigold

Yeltein is the main bioactive substance contained in marigold, which is found in cabbage, corn, kiwi and other fruits and spinach

However, marigold has become the main source of industrial lutein preparation due to its high lutein content, suitable for large-scale preparation and low cost.Lutein belongs to a carotenoid substance and related studies have demonstrated a clear role in preventing ocular diseases such as macular degeneration in the age

resistance to oxidation

The accumulation of excessive oxygen free radicals in the human body has certain damage to cells and tissues, which is an important cause of human aging and many chronic diseases.

As a class of tetraterpenoids, lutein is rich in conjugated double bonds, and has a strong free radical scavenging ability to effectively prevent the cell destruction of oxygen free radicals



In recent years, studies at home and abroad have found that lutein in marigold has the effect of inhibiting the tumor cells of colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and so on

Relevant studies show that the anti-tumor effect of lutein is mainly achieved by its inhibition of tumor cell proliferation and induced differentiation, induced tumor cell apoptosis, immune regulation, antioxidant activity, etc

The classification of marigold

marigold can be divided into three species by plant height: about 100 cm high ;

medium stem: medium stem [19] from 60 to 70 c m; plant height from 30 to 40 c m, and small flower shape is dwarf stem .According to the difference of marigold flower shape can be divided into three kinds:

  • (1) honeycomb type: the inflorescence is basically composed of tongue flowers, cylindrical flowers scattered, “heavy valve”, tongue flower first broad, wavy, or wrinkled, flower florescence is spherical, side looks deep ;
  • (2) scattered: inflorescence is “heavy valve”, tongue flower wide, more flat, not very curly, floret arrangement is loose, side large and flat ;
  • (3) roll hook type: inflorescence “heavy valve”, but the tongue is narrow, pointed, sometimes valgus, floret each other winding hook ring

Suphibiting cardiovascular disease

The accumulation of cholesterol and LDL (lipoprotein) in the human body are the important causes of atherosclerosis and then cardiovascular disease.Related epidemiology, in vitro experiments and animal model studies have shown that marigold lutein can partly reduce the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease by preventing atherosclerosis

Lutein extraction technique

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marigold is one of the main raw materials for industrial extraction and preparation of lutein.

In addition to the traditional solvent extraction method, with the recent development of plant extraction technology, the enzyme method, ultrasonic extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction, microwave-assisted extraction, and subcritical extraction techniques have also been gradually applied in the research and practical application of lutein extraction and preparation in marigold.

Organic solvent extraction

Organic solvent extraction is based on a similar phase solvent principle, using the characteristics of lutein and impurities are different (solubility or polarity), to choose the appropriate solvent, to achieve the purpose of lutein extraction and separation

Using tetrahydrofuran and alkalol solutions as saponification solvent, after obtaining lutein crude extract, it were further washed and removed to obtain lutein powder higher than 90%.In recent years, the salt analysis and extraction method appears based on the organic solvent extraction, which is characterized by less consumables and high product yield

Enzyme method assisted with extraction and separation

Since marigold lutein extract matrix contains more cellulose, it can be treated by enzymatic method, adding cellulase and other softening to damage the cell wall in the extraction matrix, prompting more exposure and dissolution of lutein, the extraction conditions are mild, can reduce the loss of lutein

New extraction and separation technologies such as ultrasonic, microwave, and supercritical CO2

Ultrasonic-assisted extraction method is using the special effect of ultrasonic production to quickly destroy cells and speed up the extraction speed, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient lutein extraction

Subcritical extraction and separation techniques

Subcritical extraction separation technique uses extractant in a subcritical state, using similar phase solvent principle to separate target material.The method has the characteristics of fast solvent diffusion, strong dissolution ability and high extraction efficiency, and can extract and separate the extraction solvent and the extract at low temperature to reduce the loss of bioactive substances such as lutein

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What is marigold extract

Marigold (Tage tes Ere cta L.), also known as smelly hibiscus, golden chrysanthemum, etc., is an annual herb rice bowl plant with 5 0 plants high?1 5 0 cm, steamed stalk upright and robust.marigold is native to Mexico and is now cultivated all over the country (forest, 1 9 79).marigold has strong growth adaptability, compact, plump, flowering, bright color and long flowering period, in Jilin, Shandong, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Xinjiang, Beijing and Beijing and other places have a large area of planting.

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What is the use of marigold like

The use of marigold flowers is more studied, and has been used in industrial production.marigold flowers are rich in natural lutein,

lutein is a natural pigment widely exists in floats, vegetables, fruits and other plants, with antioxidant, strong stability, non-toxic, high safety characteristics, has been widely used in food, cosmetics, tobacco, medicine and poultry servo

marigold flowers also contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body, which can promote human metabolism.It is also an environmentally-friendly boat that can absorb toxic gases such as hydrogen fluoride and sulfur dioxide

However, research on the utilization of marigold rice stalks is very rare, leading to the abandonment of rice Xuan materials and the waste of resources.Most of them are abandoned at will or burned and crushed to the field, producing a large amount of harmful gas, damaging the surface soil structure, and causing serious pollution to the environment

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Deep processing technology of marigold lutein products

Although marigold lutein has high physiological activity, because lutein belongs to a lipid-soluble material and has a large number of conjugated double-bonds in its molecular structure, it is easily oxidatively decomposed under light, thermal and oxygen conditions, and is poor stability and water-soluble

In order to solve the above problems and improve the economic added value of lutein products processing, in recent years, domestic and foreign researchers have carried out the research and development of preparing lutein micro-capsules and lutein soft capsules with lutein as raw materials

Micro capsule technology uses gelatin, Arabic glue and other materials (wall materials) to form small particles of lipid-soluble active substances such as lutein and small particles (micro capsules), so as to achieve the purpose of improving the stability and biological activity of encapsulsubstances

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