High quality snow white pumpkin seed extract pumpkin seed protein


High Quality Organic
Spray Dried Pumpkin Powder with Best Price
Product Description
1.What’s the Pumpkin Powder ?
The fruit of pumpkin is used as food, and can also be used as food. The whole plant is also used for medicinal purposes. The seeds contain pumpkin seed amino acids, which have the effects of heat removal, dehumidification, and insect repellent. They have the function of controlling and killing schistosomiasis.
2.What are the functions of Pumpkin Powder?
A. Pumpkin powder is rich in citrulline, which can expel parasites such as roundworm, insect pest, ginger worm and Schistosoma japonicum.
B. Antioxidant, protect eyesight, pumpkin powder rich in vitamins and carotene has anti-aging, protect the role of vision, long-term consumption of pumpkin powder can maintain good eyesight.
C.It can help to moisture the skin, is indeed a good beauty food for women.
D.Lower blood pressure,sleep better,lower the blood sugar.
3.What are the uses of Pumpkin Powder?High Quality Organic Spray Dried Pumpkin Powder with Best Price
Applied in Food field;
Applied in Cosmetic field
Applied in Pharmaceutical field;

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