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Turmeric (Latin scientific name: Curcuma longa L.) is also known as tulip, baodingxiang, Haoming, Huangjiang, etc. The plant is 1-1.5 m high, with well-developed rhizome, thick root, and swollen terminal root; the leaves are oblong or elliptic, and the leaf tip is short and gradually pointed; the bracts are oval or oblong, light green, blunt tip, and light yellow corolla; the flowering period is August.
curcumin Curcuma powder curcuma extract

Curcuma longa powder
turmeric, turmeric, baodingxiang, tulip
[source of curcumin] root
[main component of curcumin] curcumin is an acidic polyphenol with unsaturated aliphatic and aromatic groups
[curcumin product specification] 80 mesh, another mesh can be customized
[curcumin detection method] TLC
[curcumin product character] yellow powder

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