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First ct after operation
When I came to the hospital yesterday afternoon, the doctor said that he would have an operation right away. He waited for almost five or six hours until 12 o’clock all night to complete the operation.
Today is the first CT after the operation requested by the doctor. It is mainly to check whether there is still congestion in the brain, because the main purpose of the craniotomy is to clear the blood clots in the injured left brain. If the CT shows the brain step If the blood clot is eliminated, then it proves that the operation is still going well
From the ICU, my dad had to carry the patient out of the ICU bed onto a stretcher. Seven or eight people helped to complete the process. I saw that my dad still seemed to be conscious, but he was still unable to speak. I saw my head. There is a tube sticking out to a blood pack. This should be a special drainage left after the operation, because there may be some congestion in the brain. Yesterday the doctor said that the accident caused the amount of brain hemorrhage to reach 80 ml is very dangerous Yes, the one left now is draining other bleeding in the brain
Along the way, my dad and I told him that we were doing CT and asked him to cooperate, but he couldn’t speak. If he was conscious, he should be able to hear me. The eyes I saw were open, but there was no face. Or other reactions. When I returned from CT to the ICU ward, I saw tears in the corners of my eyes
My sister also asked the doctor whether it was a conscious reaction or unconsciousness. The attending doctor also said that it was probably his own consciousness, because I was afraid that when I was sent to the hospital, although he could not speak, his head was completely clear. As I know, no one should be conscious of the calmness after the operation. However, today’s state is still that the right hand and right leg cannot move, and they still cannot speak. The doctor’s communication cannot be responsive. Continue to observe

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