Factory Supply Water Soluble Pumpkin Powder Pumpkin Protein Powder

Factory Supply Water Soluble Pumpkin Powder  Brief Introduction:

The pumpkin powder reaped from the pumpkin fruit with spray dried technology.After refined processing, we get the pumpkin powder.Pumpkin powder is a kind of super health product which integrates the functions of food, health product and drug for hypertension, atherosclerosis, obesity and diabetes. The pumpkin powder is more than 90% purity, just adding maltodextrin as a carrier. Keep fresh nutrients and pure pumpkin flavor, good instant.No synthetic pigments, no chemical essences or flavors and no preservative agents.\
1.Detoxing and maintaining beauty:
Pumpkin is rich in pectin that can absorb”bacteria and toxic substances” and other heavy metals.Which play a role in
Pumpkin contains VE and B-carotene. VE has a strong anti-oxidant effect can effectively protect body from some oxygen free radicals and peroxide. Make your skin keep young.
3.To help digestion:
Pumpkin contain pectin, which can protect gastric mucous, from rough food simulation and promote ulcer healing.It is helpful for digestio.
4.To promote physical development:
Pumpkin is rich in zinc, involved in the human body nucleic acid, protein synthesis.which is an inherent component of the adrenal cortex hormones. It is an important material for human growth and development
5.To prevent cancer:
Pumpkin can eliminate carcinogenic nitrosamines mutations, anti-cancer effect, and can help the liver and kidney function recovery, enhance liver and kidney cell regeneration abilit.
1. For Baking: Such as bread, pizza, biscuit, desserts, dressings and recipes etc.
2. For Beverage:Ice cream, Juice, Smoothies, Yogurt etc.
3. For Direct drink:10 grams of Pumpkin powder dissolved directly in 250 ml water. Enjoy the good taste of Pumpkin

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