curcumin turmeric extract, What effect does curcumin have commonly? How different is the efficacy of curcumin extract from curcumin itself?

1 How was the curcumin turmeric extract, curcumin extract extracted

Some friends may not distinguish the two things from turmeric extract as well as from curcumin extract. This is a video of curcumin taken by our Brenda and will help you resolve the confusion

Stable to reducing agent, strong coloring power, not easy to fade, but sensitive to light, heat and iron ions. It is mainly used for dyeing cans, sausage products and sauce brine products.

The daily adult intake of curcumin is recommended to be calculated by using 0 ~ 3mg per kilogram of body weight. In consideration of safety, it is recommended that the daily intake should be less than 200mg to avoid adverse effects caused by excessive intake.

However, some studies have shown that Curcuma has low toxicity, and the feeding dose is greater than 2.0g/kg mouse body weight, and there are no obvious adverse reactions

curcumin turmeric extract
curcumin turmeric extract

2 What does the curcumin extract and curcumin turmeric extract do

First of all, the curcumin extract, curcumin turmeric extract,which is the most used in the food industry, because when you think of it and you immediately think of this yellow color, curcumin is actually the powder that is extracted from this dirty root. So one of the most common applications of it is to add it directly to food, to give it color.

For example, if you eat something a lot, if you see that it has a ginger flavor, or you want to add some yellow color to it, you can use curcumin extract to do that.

Curcumin extract,curcumin turmeric extract, I’ve heard some medical articles about curcumin, which has some anti-aging properties, which can actually make you look younger.

India sometimes also put curcumin application in some areas of some cosmetics, of course, this is decided by the specific situation, but the thing itself in Chinese medicine it is a warm stomach, or is a kind of resistance to promote the effect

3 What is the price of the curcumin extract and curcumin turmeric extract

We are mainly engaged in the wholesale of plant extracts, so if you ask how much curcumin extract is, we can give you a very cheap price, because we are a professional source manufacturer in China, and we have three production lines specializing in the production of curcumin extract

4 What are the benefits of turmeric tea,curcumin turmeric extract

What are the benefits of turmeric tea
What are the benefits of turmeric tea

Because curcumin extract is also Curcuma, it has the function of anti-inflammatory.

So when you drink turmeric tea, it can actually enhance your immunity and have an anti-inflammatory effect on your inflammation. Turmeric extract has obvious effect on the skin.

It can make the skin more refreshing, and the problems of coarse pores and inflammation of hair follicles will gradually subside. It will bring more ruddy complexion to the skin.

You can see the positive and obvious effect after using it for more than three weeks, so don’t be particularly anxious in the process of early use. Curcumin, the active component of curcuma root, has been recognized as one of the most potential health food supplements.

Curcumin has a wide range of effects in anti arthritis, liver protection, lowering blood fat, blood sugar, maintaining cognitive health and so on.

At present, a variety of cancer treatment studies have been completed, which also show that curcumin can be used to treat a variety of cancers.

Most of curcumin products used as dietary supplements use curcuminoids as their functional components, but the most effective and studied curcuminoids are those with more than 95% curcuminoids as the standard.

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