Ct again
I did another ct in the morning. When I withdrew my dad in the morning, I felt that he was conscious and asked my daughter to come over. When my daughter called Grandpa, I saw my dad also turned his head and used his eyes. Look at her, it seems that some of the consciousness is not completely unconscious
But I opened my eyes for a while and then closed, because the doctor said in the morning that there is still a lot of calmness, and it may take 3~5 days for this to dissipate
After the CT34 minutes were over, the doctor asked the family members to communicate. It is said that there is not much difference between today’s CT and last night’s CT results. There is still congestion in the brain.
Today the doctor also said that the biggest problem is still the problem of epilepsy. In the morning, I also went to the EEG department with the application form for EEG, but the EEG doctor said, if the patient If you have a head injury, you can’t do an EEG
So the final problem is that the number of epilepsy and seizures may oppress the brain nerves, so it is still more dangerous.

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