Complications keep appearing

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In the afternoon, the doctor called us to the interview room and talked about the development of my father’s condition.
The surgeon and the director both opened the procedure and told us that today the patient had atrial fibrillation. After I heard it, I felt a little bit of a problem with my own heartbeat. It seemed that someone had pinched my heart suddenly. .
The doctor went on to say that this atrial fibrillation will continue to produce various complications with this operation. The doctor explained the pathology of this atrial fibrillation and also informed that it will cause life-threatening. Now a catheter is implanted in a place on the shoulder. Drug injection, the most troublesome problem is that the operation is contradictory in the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage and atrial fibrillation, which can easily lead to more serious illnesses, and then I signed what is critically ill. . .
The director asked if my dad had a heart problem in the past. I have never heard of any heart-related problems, and my sister has never heard of it. When I asked my mom, it was only when my dad was young and the unit leader There have been disputes, it seems that there has been a fast heart rate. The main reason is that people themselves have a bad temper, so heart problems usually do not appear, but because of bleeding and surgery problems, complications will appear. The main problem of atrial fibrillation is It is an arrhythmia. The doctor said that he would use medicine to solve this problem. At the same time, he also told us that there may be more complicated symptoms, because once a person has a basic disease, hemorrhage in the brain will cause many problems.

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