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What is the MCT oil? Where is china mct powder supplier?

The full name of MCT oil is medium chain triglycerides oil, which translates into medium chain fatty acid oil, which is mainly extracted from coconut oil and palm oil.

The “chain” here refers to the carbon chain.

Those with 6-12 carbon atoms belong to medium chain fatty acids, those with less than 6 belong to short chain fatty acids, and those with more than 12 belong to long chain fatty acids.

Compared with other edible oils (mainly composed of long-chain fatty acids), the main feature of MCT oil is that it can be quickly absorbed by the human body and converted into energy.

After entering the human body, long-chain fatty acids need multiple processes to be finally absorbed and provide energy for the body.

This process takes about 4 hours. Because the carbon chain of medium chain fatty acids is not so long, they can skip some steps that long-chain fatty acids need to go through, and directly enter the liver through the hepatic portal vein, which takes only about half an hour to convert into energy.

china mct powder supplier
mct powder supplier

MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides, MCT), which is medium chain fatty acid in Chinese, is a saturated fatty acid.

Is a highly refined edible oil made by the process (fractionation) of separating oils and fats, whereas it contains ingredients with only medium chain fatty acids.MCT oils, which are sold commercially, are mostly modulated by octanoic (C8) and decanoic (C10) acids refined from coconut or palm kernel oils.

The rate of digestive breakdown is about 10 times as fast as that of the stylized long-chain fatty acids, which is one reason why MCTs are burned by the body for energy or “” fuel “” rather than stored as fat.

How to eat MCT oil

The smoke point ash of MCT oil is often low (150 ℃ – 160 ℃), so it is not recommended to be used in high-temperature and high-fire cooking such as frying.

However, MCT oil basically has no taste (unless the C6 content is too high… Or stored improperly

deteriorated for too long), so it is very suitable for adding it to coffee, tea or various hot drinks to make various sauces (such as basil green sauce mixed with olive oil) or pouring it on salads.

In addition, because of the fast energy supply of MCT oil, it is also very suitable for eating before fitness.

Why can MCT lose weight

  • The calories of medium chain fatty acids are nearly 10% less than those of long chain fatty acids: the calories of medium chain fatty acids are 8.4 calories / g and long chain fatty acids are 9.2 calories / g
  • Compared with long-chain fatty acids, medium chain fatty acids are easier to be directly utilized by the human body and less likely to be converted into fat and stored in the body
  • Intake of medium chain fatty acids can promote the production of peptide YY (a gastrointestinal hormone) and leptin (leptin), which can inhibit appetite and increase satiety.
  • MCT oil can help you enter / maintain the ketogenic state faster for small partners who want to lose weight and eat ketogenic diet

What is MCT?

MCT oil on the market is usually composed of a certain proportion of C6 (very little or no), C8, C10 and C12.

Too much C6 will make MCT oil difficult to swallow – after all, no one wants to drink mutton coffee / smoothie, right. For this reason, MCT oil manufacturers usually try to avoid C6 in their products.

If the content of C12 is too high, the effect of MCT oil on rapid energy supply will be greatly reduced, and there will be no “oil”. It’s better to use this money to buy a bottle of olive oil imported from Italy

What is medium chain fatty acid? china mct powder supplier

As just mentioned, medium chain fatty acids are fatty acids with 6-12 carbon atoms.

If further subdivided according to the number of carbon atoms, medium chain fatty acids mainly include the following four types:

  • C6 caproic acid / hexanoic acid: it contains 6 carbon atoms and has the smallest structure, so it has the fastest absorption rate, but it has a very strong smell of mutton.
  • C8 caprylic acid / octanoic acid: contains 8 carbon atoms. The absorption rate is slightly slower than C6.
  • C10 Capric acid / decanoic acid: contains 10 carbon atoms. The absorption rate is slightly slower than C8.
  • C12 lauric acid / dodecanoic acid: it contains 12 carbon atoms, and its structure is relatively large.

The digestion and absorption process is basically the same as that of long-chain fatty acids.

It takes about 3 hours to convert into energy after intake. At present, there are some disputes about whether to “remove” lauric acid from medium chain fatty acids.

china mct powder supplier

mct powder supplier
mct powder supplier

Coconut oil manufacturers ,china mct powder supplier have advertised coconut oil (coconut oil) as the best source of medium chain fatty acids (MCTS) because coconut oil is rich in 62% MCTs, but is this sufficient to indicate the efficacy of coconut oil on the body?

Coconut oil is a good “” fuel oil “” than other vegetable oils because of the large amount of medium chain fatty acids contained in it that can rapidly supply energy to the human body.

But coconut oil contains several different medium chain fatty acids, and not every medium chain fatty acid produces energy quickly.

china mct powder supplier

There are four medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil: hexanoic acid (C6), octanoic acid (C8), decanoic acid (C10), and lauric acid (C12), and this classification is distinguished by chemists based on the length of the carbon chain.

The less carbon atoms a fatty acid contains, represents the more easily digestible and does not require the breakdown of pancreatic lipase and bile, can be directly accessed from the enterocyte into the portal vein for immediate energy use or converted into ketone bodies.

Many studies have shown that it is insufficient to obtain effective medium chain fatty acids from coconut oil alone, because not every medium chain fatty acid contained in coconut oil is beneficial to the human body.

Coconut oil will provide more lauric acid (C12), but the utility of lauric acid in the body does not resemble that of MCT oil because of its very long carbon chain and therefore metabolic route in the body is not MCT like but LCT (long-chain fatty acid), which needs to undergo hydrolysis by bile salts, chylomicrons, and pancreatic lipolysis before being transported to the liver via the lymphatic system,So taking that excess tends to form fat in the body.

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