What are blueberries(bilberry)

bilberry powder factory
bilberry powder factory

Vaccinium, genus rhododendraceae, bilberry plant.Blueberry fruits are rich in nutrients and have functions such as preventing brain nerve aging, strengthening heart, anti-cancer softening blood vessels, and enhancing human body immunity.Among them, blueberries have received much attention because they are rich in anthocyanins with activated retinal efficacy, which can strengthen vision and prevent eye fatigue

bilberry powder factory
bilberry powder factory

Blueberry food intake: although beneficial, blueberries should not be consumed too much at a time, and the raw portion can be 50-60 servings at a time.
Blueberry raw: Blueberries fresh raw have the highest nutritional value, and the peel itself is rich in pectin with a high nutrient content.But for drug prevention, it’s better to have warm salt blisters for 20 minutes before consuming to clear the residue on Blueberry peel and eat well.
Processed fruits Pie: blueberries are also available in a variety of gastronomies such as blueberry pie, blueberry trunk, blueberry sauce, etc.In fact, none of the fruit based foods are suitable for deep processing, which will lead to nutrient loss.If you want to eat a diversity of methods, may wish to try practices such as blueberry salads and blueberry juice.
Blueberry wine: blueberry wine is a good thing with various efficacy, has many functions such as enhancing vision, enhancing blood circulation, and anti-aging, and drinking a small cup at bedtime is more useful for sleeping.

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