Best Selling Chinese Pumpkin Seed Powder/Pumpkin Seed Extract


Product name: Pumpkin Seed Extract
Latin Name cucurbita moschata cucurbita moschata
Appearance: Yellow -brown powder
Product Specification: 10:1 Sterol 10% 20%
CASNo: —-
Loss on drying: NMT5.0%
Acid insoluble Ash: NMT5.0%
Heavy metals: NM10ppm
Part used: seed
Test Method: TLC
Particle Size: 80 Meshes
Supply Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder Pumpkin Seed Extract Powder
Main components
Pumpkin seed contains mainly:
Cucurbitine,fatty oil,protein,and vitamins A,B1,B2,and C,also containing carotene.The main component in fatty oils is glycerol esters of linoleic acid,oleic acid,stearic acid and the like.
Main function
1.Prevention and treatment of prostate
The pumpkin seed extract can effectively prevent prostate diseases.This is because the secretory hormone function of the prostate depends on fatty acids, while the pumpkin seed extract is rich in fatty acids,which can maintain the prostate function.
2.Deworming effect
– pumpkin seed extract can help to prevent the prostate disease.
– pumpkin seed extract has effect on postpartum edema and postpartum milk less.
– pumpkin seed extract has the function of treating whooping cough and children with sorethroat.
– pumpkin seed extract is also a natural source of magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C.
– pumpkin seed extract is used medicinally to help improve bowel function by ridding the intestinal tract of parasites and worms.
– pumpkin seed extract have much acid, this acid can relax the rest angina, and have a function to low the high blood liquid.
– pumpkin seed extract is also a laxative,which can help to moisture the skin, is indeed a good beauty food for women.
-As raw material of drugs for eliminating insecticide, swelling, andpertussis, pumpkin seed extract is widely used in pharmaceutical industry;
-As product of treating malnutrition and prostate, pumpkin seed extract is widely used in health industry.

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