Authoritative lie
Authoritative lie

The kid’s final exam is over, his math score is always 99 or 100, at least he is definitely ahead of the class in math, and by a long way

Illustration of authoritative lies


The teacher did not announce the final exam results, just said that the test of 100 points of the students can not write winter vacation homework, but yesterday when the parents meeting, more than a dozen students do not have to write winter vacation homework list and he did not

My father stayed in the ICU for more than 20 days after my father-in-law’s funeral. I didn’t leave the hospital for nearly a month, so I didn’t have a chance to give my teacher a red envelope at the end of the year

I saw the child he seemed to have a little bit of confidence, because he saw the list without him

But the ten several students obviously have a look at the list is wrong, the list of students can not study result is ahead of the students at ordinary times more impossible but that a dozen students list, a see is wrong, the list of the students can absolutely not grades at ordinary times, leading the list of those who are good at in some pta play politics basically, and joint frothy, surface field teacher’s hook, secretly to find the principal complaint, so the teacher is not to be taunted this group of people, and licked hooks by this group of people

Of course, these adult things, children should not understand

I don’t have time every day to those PTA women around the teacher, every day to speak well of him, every day to help her do all the things, help the teacher to approve homework, help the teacher to arrange the seats of students, help the teacher to give advice, in the end is almost the group of people to make decisions, this is the primary school version of Zhao Gao

Of course, complaining of no use, the solution, since not Tian teacher’s ass can only use money to solve

When I talk about this unspoken rule of society, I actually think of this word, which is the authoritative lie

Because when a child has been in the state of praise, he is full of confidence, his academic performance will gradually improve, because children and primary school students do not have too much ability to skip the framework of being encouraged by others and see through the purpose of others, so when the teacher praise him, his self-confidence will be very good

Perhaps many adults also need such encouragement and praise

I don’t think I, too, had I hired a company English, my English is poor to, although it sounds is one of the world 500 strong, but I think my ability is not completely, colleague’s degree mostly tsinghua Beijing university, and I was inferior to the fullest, I remember that I am leaving three times, then I always in the encouraged me every time, the director of the general manager, he told me that it used to be a difficult job, so hard thing to do is settled, I now just in a more difficult task, but challenge the difficulty encountered such difficulties is to need you to solve, you will and is not the same as others, I had to drink my manager’s chicken soup three times to keep me from running away from a company I still miss

Adults need positive encouragement all the time. It’s not chicken soup, it’s positive thinking and being proactive

When you’re trying to accomplish one thing, you will constantly active way to solve this problem, when do you think you can’t do, you will naturally have a variety of reasons to prove people wrong, children version of this sentence is, as long as teachers encourage students, so even if he is a lie, he’s also authoritative lies, it will encourage the children to thrive

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