A car accident

It was raining heavily at night, but I had to go out to pick up something from a customer, which could be reached by taxi, so I’d better go out first at 9 o ‘clock.

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Wait for a car to the door of the village, because go to the customer there not far, direct hit a car to solve the matter, the result is waiting for a car at the door of the village, in front of their own four or five meters of place, a traffic accident live of appeared.

One Volvo turned left and wanted to enter the community, so it was waiting to enter the community. Then another Didi went straight, maybe because of the heavy rain or other reasons. This Didi didn’t slow down at all, and directly hit this Volvo.

With this strength to turn around, I estimate that the engine of whose car will be reimbursed, but a look at the fact that it is not particularly serious, finally look carefully, in fact, the engine of the two cars should not be damaged, but the front may be a bit more serious.

In fact, a simple car accident is nothing, because of the heavy rain may be a variety of reasons, but the Volvo car was hit from the primary school really surprised me.

Volvo car door, open a female driver off the car, at the same time should be her daughter wearing school uniform, a look is primary school students, visual is also an eight or nine year old appearance, estimated that the child’s mother with her daughter just from the remedial school or from where back, after all, it has been eight or nine.

The kid got out of the car and pointed to the Didi and said, “You hit me on the head. You lose money.” Let me feel more surprised is, children in general may encounter this kind of accident will feel more shocked or scare on the spot, this child, of course, the children may be in the car because the car accident a bump on the process, but also look no bleeding, could be in the car, probably because of the impact force where have bumped into the car, after all, he can get off, In fact, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

But the primary school student actually said, you hit my head, lose money, lose money, you crashed my car, lose money, lose money.

In fact, the child’s parents did not say anything, as if they had just exchanged a few words with the Didi driver, asking why they were driving so fast. Instead, the pupil seemed to be a shrew, or even a scoundrel, accusing each other.

His car was hit, of course, he stopped in the same spot, perhaps he thinks he has no fault, as to have wrong, this is sure to police’s uncle to the judge, because drops the driver is performed, no turn movement, and on rainy days I also don’t know much about traffic rules, because in general should be a priority, So I didn’t know exactly who was to blame for the crash, so I didn’t go to help them.

The pupil, this aggressive attitude really think I this many people in the community, because many owners of the community, although are neighbors, but the usual attitude and the problem of a few times to fight inside the village, with this kind of situation is very like, basically is not right and wrong, whatever the reason, also no matter each other anyway, anyway the openings is someone else’s fault, This elementary school student shows it even more incisively.

Benefit is the pupil perhaps this company as his life may be no matter what kind of problems, he may be a start is a not a bad state, eventually, of course, can social lessons to the elementary student I don’t know, but see the pupils blaming each other and kept saying, many times the money losing money, With such an attitude, I think it seems that he didn’t have any problems with the collision. I wanted to help the two cars that collided with each other to see if there were any problems. However, I think there should be no problems with his body, so that they could call the police to solve the problem by themselves.

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